MSU holds Chairpersons Training Workshop Programme
On the 9th of February 2023, Midlands State University’s Quality Assurance and Professional Development (QAPD) department held the 2023 inaugural training workshop at Gweru Main Campus for chairpersons to familiarize with their roles towards academic excellence.
In his opening remarks, Acting Harare Campus Director Dr. Terrance Mashingaidze extended his appreciation to QAPD for hosting the training workshop, he also stated that the purpose of the workshop is to acquaint both incoming and seasoned chairpersons with their duties, obligations, and expectations as they play a crucial role in the academic affairs of the University.
“From the onset, allow me to extend my great appreciation to QAPD for hosting this 2023 inaugural chairpersons’ workshop.
“The essence of this training workshop is to introduce incoming chairpersons and familiarize seasoned chairpersons with the responsibilities, obligations and expectations they should practice as they are central players in the university system,” said Dr. Mashingaidze.
He further stated that the primary role of chairpersons is to provide leadership in the departments to ensure that departments archive the highest possible level of excellence in all their teaching, learning, research, community service, innovation and industrialisation.
Executive Director-Research and Innovation Division, Professor Laureen Chikoko also expressed her contentment towards the event wherein departmental chairpersons discussed the challenges faced in the execution of duties and also shared notes on key milestones.
Professor Chikoko assured chairpersons that the Research and Innovation Division is keen to offer research support to all departments.
In her vote of thanks, Acting Director Quality Assurance and Professional Development Dr. Matsa thanked the chairpersons for attending the workshop and also stated that with this training workshop chairpersons are now aware of their roles within their departments in which they will execute their duties diligently so as to achieve the nation’s and the University’s goal towards human capital development for the industrialisation of Zimbabwe and Africa.
Midlands State University values quality assurance in research, teaching and learning.

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