Midlands State University Research and Innovation Division held its inaugural Final Thesis Writing Retreat for Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy degrees final year candidates at the Village Lodge on the 12th of May 2023.

Drawing candidates from different disciplines within the University, the retreat targeted final year Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy degrees candidates finalising their theses for submission.

The objective of the retreat was to expose candidates to critical aspects needed to consider in finalizing their theses within a conducive environment allowing them to interact with peers, seasoned scholars and thesis examiners.

Gracing the retreat session, the Pro-Vice Chancellor-Research, Innovation and Industrialisation, Professor Grace Mugumbate iterated that her hopes were that at the end of the retreat, candidates will have confidence concerning their DPhil/MPhil researches.

“Studies by research often subject candidates to a lonesome journey and sessions of this nature helped create space and an ambient for rejuvenation,” said Professor Mugumbate.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor also shared experiences about her doctoral journey with candidates.

In her remarks, Executive Director-Research and Innovation Division, Professor Laurine Chikoko said the Research and Innovation Division, and the University at large, were “working tirelessly to develop the Thesis Writing Retreat activity to have it held more often, and targeting candidates at various levels of their postgraduate studies.”

She further urged candidates to utilise the opportunity to engage with expert ‘thesis examiners’ as they finalise their theses notwithstanding the guidance they have been already getting from supervisors.

Postgraduate Studies Manager, Dr. Umali Saidi took candidates through the regulations and the administrative thesis submission process.

During the session, panellists shared information on what is expected from the candidates in their thesis writing.

To help strengthen the retreat, Professor Mark Matsa from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor Nhamo Mhiripiri from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Dr. Gift Mehlana from the Faculty of Science and Technology, Dr. M. Guvhu from the Faculty of Education, Professor Upenyu Guyo-Deputy Director Research and Innovation, and Professor H. Ngoshi the Assistant to the Vice Chancellor made up the panel whereas Dr. U. Saidi, and the Adminstrative Assistants-Research and Innovation, Ms. S. Nkala and Mr. T. Zwana provided the technical support which helped guide the candidates during the retreat.

The candidates expressed gratitude indicating that the retreat had been a morale and confidence booster.



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