On the 7th of July 2023, MSU Software Engineer, Miss Lisa Ngwerume, developed a mobile application set to bring convenience to researchers and other key stakeholders.

Launched at the MSU Research and Innovation Division, and named, “Research Hub,” the mobile application supports the major activities undertaken by researchers within the University community.

Research Hub, allows researchers to create profiles for visibility and to digitally update, in real-time, progress concerning their research and grant applications.

During the application development phase, Software Quality Assurance Tester, Miss Adelle Madongonda, ensured that the software was secure from any leaks and loopholes as well as ensuring efficient functionality.

On her welcome remarks, Research Manager Dr. W. Kusena applauded the software developer for making research work easily and readily accessible through the mobile application.

“Our agenda is to conduct impactful research, so we, sincerely needed a facility that would afford us the capacity to update and receive research information in real-time,” remarked Dr. Kusena.

Deputy Director-Research and Innovation, Professor U. Guyo highlighted that the development of the Research Hub mobile application is a noble gesture from the Information Technology Services department, showing their commitment to supporting the University’s research and innovation drive.

Remarked Professor Guyo, “The Research Hub mobile application stands as a noble gesture, embodying the department’s deep understanding of the crucial role that technology plays in shaping the future of research and innovation. By developing this user-friendly and intuitive platform, our IT Services department has demonstrated their dedication to providing researchers, scholars, and innovators with an efficient and streamlined tool to enhance their work and visibility”.

Demonstrating the application during the event, Ms. Ngwerume showcased how through the mobile application, researchers can create accounts, harvest and feed data, view other researchers’ publications and update their research outputs.

Ms. Lisa Ngwerume revealed that her innovation was inspired by the researchers’ endlessly quest to access current and recent research papers and other academic resources while conducting research.

“In an effort to boost accessibility and convenience to researchers as oft-times they need to access research materials while undergoing research practices its best for them to use a mobile software which is both real-time and user-friendly,” said Lisa Ngwerume.

She further stated that due to the application’s features of data harvesting it can facilitate networking, collaborations, and knowledge sharing within the research community.

Director-Information Technology Services, Mr. Liberty Dandira indicated that the development and launch of the mobile application reflects the University’s compliance with the Education 5.0 blueprint which misses no word in stating that institutions of higher learning must move beyond the traditional ways of doing business to play an active role in broad-based societal progress through producing useful applications, technologies and innovations that boost productivity, enhance service delivery, and improve lives.

Midlands State University is committed to cultivating critical thinking, innovative, and technological capabilities across the University.



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