Short Course in Records and Information Management (RIM) (Second Enrollment)

Enrolment dates-27/07/2023 to 27/08/2023

Rationale for the Course

Good record and information management is vital as it fosters effectiveness and improves efficiency and transparency in business operations. Public and private sector organisations services are vast and extend across the public. These operations and services offered, result in vast amount of information collected, stored and used from time to time and thus, the need for efficient and thorough record maintenance becomes a mandate. Information and records regardless of format should be easily retrievable when required in any organisation which facilitates appropriate and objective decision-making. Undertaking this course will enhance student’s ability to manage records and information more effectively and seamlessly and with least risk. The modules included in this course will enhance student’s experience and appreciation of record and information management holistically, and safeguarding organisational records against all possible risks. Through this course, students will build capability to handle data and information effectively and efficiently, regardless of the volume and format. Students will understand and appreciate the benefits of good records management practices in any setting.

Course content

Overview of Records and Information Management, Principles and Concepts of Records and Information Management, Records and Information Management Legislation, Records and Information Management Practice, Digital Records and Information Management, and Archival Management.

  1. Course Start Date-02/09/2023 to 02/12/2023
  2. Entry Requirements- 5 ‘O’ level subjects including English Language
  3. Course fee- USD 120
  4. Course Duration- 12 weeks
  5. Mode of Delivery-Virtual Class Lectures (Online lectures)
  6. Class hours-9am-12 Mid-day
  7. Completion Award-Certificate of Completion


Contact Details-Dr S.S Chitima (0776323503), email chitimass@staff.msu.ac.zw

Ms Katekwe (0717885186), email katekwep@staff.msu.ac.zw

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