On the 18th of July 2023, Midlands State University Research and Innovation Division in collaboration with the Gender Institute conducted an engaging and informative grants writing talk aimed at equipping researchers with vast knowledge and skills to write successful grant proposals.

In her opening remarks, the MSU Research and Innovation-Executive Director, Professor Laurine Chikoko extended her heartfelt welcome to the guest speaker -Dr. Annette LaRocco and all MSU researchers who attended the workshop.

“Today, we are fortunate to have Dr. LaRocco with us, who has graciously agreed to share valuable insights and expertise on the application process for research funding from American funders,” she said.

She further alluded that the workshop is significant given the University’s research collaborations and internationalisation thrust.

During the introductions of the guest speaker, the Executive Director-Gender Institute, Professor E. Chauraya remarked that Dr. LaRocco is a renowned research expert with years of experience in academia and grant writing.

“Dr. Annette LaRocco, is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Florida Atlantic University.

“She is a 2022-2023 U.S. Fulbright Scholar through the Fulbright Africa Regional Research Program. At her home institution, Florida Atlantic University (FAU), she is a faculty affiliate of the Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and has published work in the field of gender politics,” remarked Professor Chauraya.

The Guest speaker, Dr. A. LaRocco, broadly elaborated upon the grant writing process in the United States of America’s context.

Dr Annette emphasized the need to begin the application process early enough to allow ample time for careful attention to detail.

She went on to highlight that researchers should familiarize themselves with the funding priorities and award history of potential US sponsors/funders.

Dr LaRocco, shared lived experiences associated with unsuccessful grant application and how she persevered.

During the interactive grant writing talk, participants engaged in stimulating discussions.

The MSU researchers who attended the talk, both physically and virtually expressed their interest for more edification and engagement in the US grant writing space through Dr Annette and her network.

MSU Grants Officer-Dr. I. Manyonga provided information on the support the University provides to staff members during the grant application process.

In her closing remarks, Dr. W. Kusena thanked the participants and emphasized on the need for collaboration by encouraging researchers to team up with individuals possessing the appropriate expertise and qualifications to increase their chances of success.

Midlands State University continues to invest in capacity strengthening initiatives for increased global and local research collaborations and partnerships.

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