Midlands State University (MSU) Research and Innovation Division hosted innovators at an Innovation Pitching event on July 28, 2023, at the Innovation Hub to provide opportunity for new ideas to be incubated and commercialised.

Innovation Pitching is a method applied by the Research and Innovation Division to screen ideas to select those to incubate for commercialisation, supporting the Government of Zimbabwe’s industrialisation drive.

Innovators, including students and staff, were taken through presentations on University policies covering Intellectual Property (IP), Ownership and Rights designed to benefit innovators.

The lecture motivated the participants, with the panel praising the high quality of pitches.
The Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development and the University are empowering students and staff to become research producing entrepreneurs.
Ideas from students of all levels are welcome, pitching them to position the Research and Innovation Division to provide crucial support.

The Innovation Hub aims to pool expertise from across the University’s faculties, schools and centres behind innovations for success.

Pitched innovations spanned information technology, business management, inclusive education and value addition to indigenous fruits for nutritious food production.

Midlands State University is acclaimed for having one of the best innovation policies, demonstrated as pro-innovator.

Zimbabwe now benefits from commercialised innovations that came through the Innovation Hub, with some having intellectual property protection or funding.

Innovation Pitching provides opportunities for innovators and ideas to receive incubation for industrialisation and ultimately commercialisation, supporting Zimbabwe’s industrialisation drive.

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