Midlands State University (MSU) held a two-day induction workshop for new lecturers hosted by the Quality Assurance and Professional Development Directorate (QAPD) from the 19th to the 20th of September 2023 at Gweru Main Campus to familiarise them with the University’s vision, mission, core values, ordinances and corporate culture.

Executive Director-QAPD, Professor Alois Solomon Chiromo, thanked the lecturers for attending the workshop and highlighted that the induction is meant to inform and educate the new lecturers with the University’s policies and standard operating procedures to produce holistic graduates.

In his opening remarks, MSU Vice Chancellor Professor Victor Ngonidzashe Muzvidziwa said that the purpose of the induction was to acquaint new lecturers with information on the University governance.

“This workshop could not have come at a better time; it is best practice that new members of staff are initiated in the expectations and performance culture of their new workplace.

“You will be introduced to the University’s culture and equipped with the resources and knowledge necessary for success in your new roles,” remarked Professor Muzvidziwa.

The Vice Chancellor added that the new lecturers have a public duty to ensure the realisation of Vision 2030, help the achievement of Chapter 8 of the National Development Strategy 1 on ‘Human Capital Development and Innovation’ and the fulfillment of all the components of Education 5.0 in the delivery of duty.

On behalf of the Registrar, Mr. T. Zishiri, Deputy Registrar-Academic Affairs, Dr. Kudzaishe Mudzingwa, outlined the ordinances which are a set of regulations that are established to govern an institution.

Remarked Dr Mudzingwa; “Ordinances provide the legal authority to establish the necessary structures that are required to discharge the institution’s mandate which is the advancement of knowledge and Education 5.0”.

In his presentation, Principal Assistant Registrar-Human Resources, Mr. Nyamande, speaking on behalf of Mrs. S. Masuku-Deputy Registrar-Human Resources, emphasized that lecturers need to understand what shapes their professional standing, growth and development.

“It is imperative that you understand core Human Resource issues which are the codes of conduct and Ordinance 3 which will help to shape up a resolute and astute professional of high repute,” said Mr. Nyamande.

Speaking through the Research Manager-Dr. Winmore Kusena, the Executive Director-Research and Innovation-Professor L. Chikoko expressed her excitement in having new lecturers and said that the mandate of the Research and Innovation Division is the provision of an enabling environment to the University community of researchers and the commercialisation of intellectual property.

“Research and Innovation is responsible for supporting Education 5.0 compliant research and innovations that are taking place at the institution,” said Dr. Kusena.

The induction workshop covered several topics such as Academic Citizenship, Teaching and Learning issues, Diligence and Commitment, Dissertation/Project Supervision and Online Pedagogy.

The workshop ended with a guided tour of the University’s sprawling and awe-inspiring institutes including; Innovation Hub, MSU National Language Institute, MSU National Pathology Research and Diagnostic Centre and MSU Industrial Park.

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