Midlands State University is taking steps to establish collaborative research links with the University of KwaZulu Natal.

This was revealed at a meeting held at Zvishavane Campus on the 15th of November between the Midlands State University’s Tugwi-Mukosi Multi-Disciplinary Research Institute (TMMRI) and representatives from the University of Kwazulu Natal.

A three-member team from the University of KwaZulu Natal’s School of Built Environment and Development led by the Head of Internationalisation, Professor Oliver Mutapuri, met the TMMRI members in a path-charting meeting which was set to be the first of a series that would culminate in strengthened bilateral relations in various sectors of research, teaching and innovation.

Welcoming the UKZN team, Acting Campus Director-Zvishavane, Dr Zvenyika Mugari expressed optimism that the potential collaboration between the two institutions would bring forth great results in the key areas.

“The vision for TMMRI and by extension, the Midlands State University is to champion the creation of knowledge in its diverse and yet unified form,” remarked Dr. Mugari.

He continued saying TMMRI seeks to take a holistic approach to knowledge creation through research, so that coordination with other institutions in the region and beyond will enhance and facilitate the growth of homegrown and people-centered research.

TMMRI Executive Director, Professor Jephias Matunhu also weighed in saying the problems experienced in the modern world, such as climate change and the attendant crises; environmental challenges, human conflicts make more imperative the need for closer relationships among regional institutions at all levels.

This would facilitate and hasten the finding of solutions and sharing of ideas affecting humanity.

“As TMMRI our hope is that through such coordination and collaborations we will both be able to bring about the changes that are needed in the troubled societies,” said Professor Matunhu.

The UKZN team leader Professor Oliver Mutapuri, on behalf of his team and the University of KwaZulu Natal expressed excitement that the meeting was the first step of what would grow into a giant in the world of academia and research.

“This is just the beginning, but with more closer interactions, we can both become a force to reckon with.

“UKZN as an institution is on a drive to reach out to other institutions on an internationalisation project, and what better way to start than starting with the Midlands State University?” expressed Professor Mutapuri.

Collaborations and partnerships are key to the achievement of the University’s vision to become a global force to reckon with.

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