Given its prestige for quality in its research, teaching and learning and innovation, Midlands State University has sealed yet another Memorandum of Agreement this time with the Claremont Business School on the 14th of December 2023 at the Gweru Main Campus.
Midlands State University Pro-Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs and Administration, Professor Mcebisi Maphosa indicated how the University’s renown for quality assurance standardisation has made it become a credible partner for associate colleges.
Professor Maphosa underscored the University’s commitment to usher in a culture of continuous improvement in the Business School’s diplomas through rebranding.
In his speech, the Managing Director Claremont Business School, Mr. G. Zinyama praised Midlands State University alumni for ‘doing wonders,’ in the industry.
‘‘We are happy to be associated with MSU, and we value this relationship with MSU obviously given the University’s quality prestige which has seen its alumni perform wonders in the industry,’’ remarked Mr. Zinyama.
In a momentous occasion witnessed by an esteemed gathering of dignitaries from the hallowed halls of academia, the Midlands State University Registrar, Mr. Tinashe Zishiri affixed his illustrious signature to the Memorandum of Agreement, formally cementing the historic partnership as his counterpart from Claremont Business School, Mr. Zinyama mirrored the momentous act with his indelible signature.
Its birth marked by resounding accolades of all present, this MOA marks the dawn of a brilliant new era of collaborative excellence for generations of knowledge-seekers to come.
In his remarks following the auspicious signing, the Registrar expressed in no uncertain terms that while this monumental MOA would surely take its rightful place in the University’s annals, it was to be steadfastly upheld not as a document to be placed upon some dusty shelf and relegated to the history books but rather to be promptly and faithfully actuated with all deliberate speed.
In her vote of thanks, the Executive Dean-Faculty of Business Sciences, Dr. Miriam Mugwati echoed the Registrar’s emphasis on implementation and also added that the University will not compromise on quality standards in the execution of this MOA.
In a laudable pursuit of Sustainable Development Goal 4, Midlands State University unwaveringly prioritizes the provision of inclusive and exceptional educational opportunities, leaving no marginalised individual or community behind in its tireless drive for excellence.

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