In a bid to ensure Midlands State University’s commitment to maintaining high-quality education and meeting the needs of its students, Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education (ZIMCHE) conducted an institutional accreditation process at a meeting that was held at the University at MSU Main Campus Gweru, on the 23rd of January 2023.
In-depth discussions were conducted by ZIMCHE officials and MSU stakeholders concerning the University’s governance, infrastructure, library, information technology services (ITS) and student welfare.
Speaking during the event, MSU Director-Secretariat, Mr. Dylan Nemaramba indicated that MSU is devoted to continually contributing to the attainment of national Vision 2030 which seeks to fundamentally transform Zimbabwe to an upper-middle-income society.
Vision 2030 underscores the need for the provision of quality education and equipping citizens with knowledge, skills, competencies, and attitudes can help in transforming local resources into goods and services.
Pro-Vice Chancellor-Research, Innovation and Industrialisation – Professor Grace Mugumbate, expressed her appreciation for the visit by ZIMCHE delegates and stated that the University takes the accreditation process seriously and offers future-facing degree programmes and services that are in line with Education 5.0.

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