Midlands State University – Student Affairs Division, Chaplaincy Department held a Students on Employment Supervisors’ Training workshop on the 9th of February 2024 at the University Chapel in Gweru, as part of efforts to enlighten and highlight issues pertaining to the implementation of the students’ financial assistance program.

The workshop covered topics on understanding and supporting the students on employment, cultural sensitivity and awareness, mental health awareness and support.

During her presentation, Rev. Revai Chinodakufa highlighted that the University is determined to supporting students from different backgrounds by covering the gap between poverty and education through the students on employment program in keeping with the, “Leaving no place behind” agenda.

She further urged supervisors to understand the impact of socio-economic factors on student performance, as well as to identify barriers to success for underprivileged students by engaging in a deeper relationship with students so that they might be able to open up.

Speaking during his presentation, Agriculture Supervisor Mr. Kunonga explained that the students on employment program is focused on creating a supportive and inclusive working environment, providing mentorship and guidance as well as building confidence, self-esteem, career development and growth.

Acting Sports Coordinator Mr. Velaphi Mkandhla, encouraged supervisors to play a parental role to the students on employment to create a safe and mentally healthy environment.

Human Resources Section representative, Miss Nyasha Chiheve clarified the University’s requirements and procedures in recruiting and working with students on employment as their supervisors.

In pursuit of the national vision 2030, Midlands State University is committed to providing equitable access to quality higher education for all.

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