Midlands State University’s Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education, Dr. Million Chauraya, was elected as the President of the Southern African Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (SAARMSTE) at a conference held in Windhoek, Namibia, from the 16th to the 18th of January 2024.

SAARMSTE is a Southern African Association dedicated to the advancement of research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education.

Running under the theme, ‘Rethinking Relevant Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education for the 4th Industrial Revolution,’ the 32nd Annual Conference attracted distinguished delegations from the Southern African Development Community, United States of America, India, Australia, and Europe.

The conference featured fruitful debates on themes such as: STEM integration, indigenous knowledge integration, language and technology integration, professional development, robotic education, pedagogical content knowledge and curriculum implementation.

“I humbly accept the honour bestowed on me by the SAARMSTE to be its President for the next two years,” said Dr. Chauraya.

Dr. Chauraya will hold his new position for the next two years.

This appointment is testimony to the calibre of staff harbored at Midlands State University.

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