To facilitate new lecturers’ smooth entry into the work culture of Midlands State University as well as help them transition into their new roles, the Quality Assurance Professional Development (QAPD) directorate conducted a lecturers’ induction workshop from the 22nd to the 23rd of February 2023 at Gweru Main Campus.

Executive Director- QAPD, Professor Alois Solomon Chiromo indicated that the workshop will help them understand their new roles, fit into the University as well as comprehend academic citizenship, teaching and learning issues, diligence and commitment, research and innovation, human resource issues as well as performance contracting.

Delivering her opening remarks, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor Professor Hazel Tafadzwa Ngoshi who was standing in for MSU Vice Chancellor, Professor Victor Ngonidzashe Muzvidziwa said that the induction is important to the extent that it initiates the new lecturers into the expectations and performance culture of MSU.

“The purpose of the workshop is to help you appreciate what it means to be at MSU as well as assist you to develop an awareness of the policies and governance structures of the University.

“As new lecturers, you have a duty to ensure the realisation of Vision 2030, help the achievement of Chapter 8 of National Development Strategy 1 on ‘Human Capital Development and Innovation’ and the fulfillment of all the components of Education 5.0,” said Professor Ngoshi.

Professor Ngoshi further alluded that the workshop will equip the new lecturers with resources necessary for classroom success which has seen the University receive excellence awards, research awards as well as innovation awards.

Executive Director, Research and Innovation Division, Professor Laurine Chikoko outlined that that research and innovation at MSU is built on 5 pillars which include research, innovation, business development, grants, consultancy and post graduate studies.

Professor Chikoko noted that the 5 pillars have seen the establishment of 6 start-up companies.

Lecturer from the department of Geography and Environmental Studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor Steven Jerie urged the new lecturers to engage in academic citizenship which is an academic culture in which all teaching, learning and research is undertaken with honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility.

Professor Jerie advised the new recruits to appropriately cite the work of others in their research, represent themselves, their actions and their research accurately as well as be objective and be responsible for their own actions.

The induction workshop ended with a tour of MSU Innovation Hub, MSU National Language Institute, MSU National Pathology Research and Diagnostic Centre as well as MSU Industrial Park to help the new lecturers get first-hand appreciation of what the institution offers.


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