As part of its community engagement initiatives, Midlands State University Gender Institute visited Blue Hills Rehabilitation Centre to conscientise young people on the impact of technology and sexual harassment on the 2nd of March 2024 in Gweru.
Speaking during the interactive engagement, MSU Gender Institute Research Fellow, Ms. Chanhuwa deliberated on Child Protection and Technology with a focus on the positive and negative effects of technology on young people.
“While technology has made it easier for us to communicate, learn at school and have access to a lot of information, it is important for us to be diligent when using technology.
“Cyberbullyng, sexting, imitation of violent behavior such as physical bullying and exposure to explicit content have detrimental effects on us,” indicated Ms. Chanhuwa.
Adding to Ms. Chinhuwa’s presentation, Research Fellow, Mr. Maposa urged young people to use technology productively.
“Instead of using technology on negative things like watching explicit content, let’s use technology in an innovate way to discover new things that are developmental,” said Mr. Maposa.
Deliberating on sexual harassment, MSU Gender Institute Research Fellow, Ms. Maruzani indicated that sexual harassment in its various forms has the potential to ruin young people’s lives.
“Premarital sex can make you fail to finish your education, contracting sexually transmitted diseases and destroy your identity,” remarked Ms. Maruzani.
All the presentations encouraged young people to focus on their education and report any form of sexual harassment to the authorities.
The program ended with the handing over of gifts to the Blue Hills Rehabilitation Centre by the University.
This event underscores the University’s commitment to empower communities through knowledge.

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