Aimed at enhancing the customer service skills of Midlands State University Library staff members and reinforce the importance of effective communication and professional ethics, Midlands State University’s Human Resources Office held a customer care training workshop on May 9, 2024 at Gweru Main Campus.
The workshop commenced with welcome remarks from Deputy Librarian – Teaching and Learning Services, Ms. S.A. Mutavayi who highlighted the significance of customer care in providing an exceptional library experience.
“We believe that by enhancing our customer care skills, we can better serve our students and visitors ultimately contributing to their academic success,” iterated Ms. Mutavayi.
Following the opening remarks, Executive Dean – Faculty of Business Sciences, Dr. M. Mugwati delivered a comprehensive presentation on customer care, communication skills, and professional ethics.
Dr. Mugwati emphasised the role of effective communication in building strong relationships with library users.
“Clear and concise communication is crucial in understanding the needs and expectations of our library visitors.
“By honing our communication skills, we can create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all,” Dr. Mugwati said.
Delivering her presentation on library etiquette, a lecturer in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure Sciences Department, Ms. P. Mbwana stressed the role of etiquette in the library setting.
She emphasised the role of proper conduct and behavior in fostering a conducive environment for learning and research.
The engaging session was followed by a lively question and answer segment, where participants had the opportunity to seek clarification and gain further insights into customer care strategies.
The attendees actively participated, demonstrating their enthusiasm for implementing the knowledge gained during the workshop.
As the workshop drew to a close, Deputy Librarian, Ms. Mutavayi, delivered a vote of thanks appreciating the presenters for the enlightenment and commended the organisers for their efforts in arranging the workshop.
With the knowledge gained from this workshop, the library staff are poised to provide an exceptional and user-centric experience to all users, further solidifying the University’s commitment to academic excellence and service quality.

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