In a strategic move to enhance academic offerings in mining and geology, Midlands State University has forged a collaboration with Datamine Software Pvt Ltd, a leading provider of software solutions that promote efficient and sustainable mining operations.

This partnership reflects a broader commitment to incorporate cutting-edge technology in education and to support national academic objectives.

Recognising the critical role of digital transformation in the mining and geology sectors, Midlands State University has embarked on an initiative to integrate more computer applications into its curriculum.

The objective is to ensure that students not only learn about current practices but also gain hands-on experience with the tools that are setting industry standards.

This tech-forward approach not only enriches the learning process but also dovetails with the Education 5.0 blueprint that champions adaptability and critical thinking.

The partnership between Midlands State University and Datamine Software Pvt Ltd marks a significant milestone in the advancement of mining and geological sciences education in Zimbabwe.

This collaboration is a powerful step forward in preparing the next generation of mining and geology professionals.

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