As the nation celebrates this year’s Culture Week, our line ministry, the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development has set aside Wednesday, 19 May 2021 as a day dedicated for tertiary institutions to express and affirm cultural diversity among students and staff. The Culture Week celebrations will run under the theme, “Resilience in Safeguarding Creativity and Cultural Diversity.”

Whilst the worldwide COVID-19 induced lockdowns have severely compromised the creative economy, cultural expressions and associated values have remained resilient. It is therefore important for us all to take stock and appreciate the nation and the world’s rich and colourful cultural mosaic. Through sharing traditional food and showcasing our music, dress and dances during the Culture Week, we not only reach out to one another but unify the world. In fact, the world is richer and beautiful because of its cultural diversity and different heritages. 

 Members of staff are therefore cordially invited to take part in the aforesaid cultural diversity celebrations by wearing traditional / African attire of their choice on the 19th of May. 

Let us take the celebrations as an opportunity for self-expression and exploration as we seek our roots.  

Our canteens will be serving traditional meals on the day.

Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Mrs M Mawere