In line with the Global Money Theme – “Build your future, be smart about money” whose focus is on inspiring children and young people to learn about money matters, livelihoods, and entrepreneurship, Ecobank in partnership with the Midlands State University is calling for applications from students to participate in the university project. The university project has been dubbed “ONE GOOD IDEA”.
About One Good Idea
The project’s goal is to encourage and expose students to the world of business, introducing them to problem-solving skills, confidence building, independent research, meeting deadlines, critical and creative thinking, and, most importantly, making a difference in the communities in which they live. This learning-by-doing exercise will also assist students in developing self-esteem and identifying their full potential, as learning extends beyond the lecture rooms. Under the theme “Build your future, be smart about money”, students are asked to come up with a One Good Idea project that will help tackle a Social Problem or inspire lifestyle changes during the COVID-19 period and beyond. Students should demonstrate how their One Good Idea can benefit them, their pockets, and their surroundings (the communities they live in).
How to Enter One Good Idea
– Students who participate must be full-time students.
– Students may work as individuals or in groups of a minimum of two and a maximum of six. Teamwork is encouraged.
– Participants should be passionate about learning and participating in community service, entrepreneurship, and vocational skill development activities.
Stage 1: Registration of teams
Participating teams and individuals must register their team online by 20 March 2022 by emailing and cc
Stage 2: Submission of entries of the projects
Teams that wish to participate must submit their project proposals by April 11, 2022. All entries will be adjudicated, and the shortlisted teams and individuals will be notified by the ECOBANK ZIMBABWE LIMITED “ONE GOOD IDEA” UNIVERSITY PROJECT 2022.
26th of April 2022. A mentor will introduce each shortlisted team or individuals to the ‘One Good Idea’ project. The mentor will work with them as well as monitoring their progress.
Stage 3: Shortlisted teams or individuals activate their projects
The shortlisted teams or individuals must officially launch their projects by 9 May 2022.
Stage 4: Pitch your One Good Idea project at the finals!
Finalists will be invited to showcase their One Good Idea project at the Ecobank Digital Expo on World International Youth Day,12 August 2022.
The winners will be selected by a panel of academics and experienced development professionals from public and private sector institutions (Midlands State University (MSU) Research and Innovation, Partner Client- Entrepreneurs/SMEs, Ministry of SMEs).
Winners will be selected based on (among others);
How well the project addresses a social problem and inspires lifestyle changes in the people around (without impacting the environment negatively) while also being able to generate income to a large extent.
– The competition’s winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions) will be able to:
– Receive a seed investment of USD8000- winner, USD5000- 1st runner up and USD3000- 2nd runner up (N.B 15 % of the price money shall be given to the team members as an incentive and the remaining will be used as seed money for Research and Development).
– Receive bank support to incubate the project at the MSU Innovation Hub until it is ready for commercialization.
– Benefit from unique capacity building and networking opportunities with experts from International Development, Academia, and Private sectors.
Winning ideas/ projects will be incubated at the MSU Innovation Hub.
A reputable Business Executive will mentor the teams or individuals.