Dr Ropafadzo Nyamukapa


Qualifications  MBChB (UZ), Diploma in Mental health DMH(UZ) Research interest Depression and Forensic Psychiatry.

Psychiatry is an area of medicine involving the study, diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders. Psychiatry is one of the most varied, interesting and rewarding specialties in medicine. Behavioural Sciences are housed in the department of psychiatry and the course is taught during the preclinical years as a foundation for understanding human behaviour and its impact on health. 

During psychiatry training, students acquire a deep understanding of disorders of human behaviour and the associations between mental health and general health. The medical students also learn to distinguish between physical and psychological causes of distress.

The vision of the Psychiatry Department is to become a leading academic institution in providing exceptional mental health education and care, conducting relevant research and fostering community mental health interventions. The department also aims to provide adequate exposure and orientation to behavioural sciences and psychiatry for the medical students increasing their likelihood to specialise in the field.

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