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Mechanical Engineering is a branch of Engineering, concerned primarily with the application of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in the design, manufacture, use, repair and maintenance of engines, machines, tools, equipment, products, components and structures. It is one of the oldest, and broadest of the Engineering disciplines. The existence of most Engineering disciplines is pillared on Mechanical Engineering. Generally, and of particular mention, the Automotive, Aircraft, Agricultural, Electrical, Electronics, Biotechnology, Energy, Manufacturing, Mining, Production, Ship, Water industries and many others extensively rely on Mechanical Engineering. The totality of these industries use Mechanical equipment manufactured through Mechanical Engineering processes and activities, and as a result, we today have an infinite “A-to-Z” list of disciplines dependent on Mechanical Engineering. Technically, there is globally no real limit of job opportunities for Mechanical Engineers due to the high demand for Mechanical Engineering expertise in various fields of Engineering. Mechanical Engineering centres its focus on creating technologies that are meant to meet human needs. This involves solving today’s problems and creating future solutions through teaching, community engagement, research, innovation and industrialization.

The department is fairly young and currently houses one programme: the Bachelor of Engineering Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering. The aim of the programme is to produce hands-on Mechanical Engineers who possess integrated theory and certified skills competences. The vision of the department is to expand, in the near future and introduce three (3) additional degree programmes in Automotive Engineering; Electrical Engineering; and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering.

The department is endowed with the state of the art Mechanical Engineering workshop and Chemistry, Physics, Physical Metallurgy and Computer Aided Design laboratories. The workshop houses three sections, namely, Machining and Fitting, Bench Fitting, and Engineering Fabrication. Further, the department has a compliment of Lecturers, Teaching Assistants and Technicians with vast hands-on industrial experience and expertise in Higher Education and Training.

Programme(s) offered within the department

Undergraduate Degree

  •  Bachelor of Engineering Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Admission Requirements

Refer to the Bachelor of Engineering Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering Programme Regulations.

Career Opportunities

Due to the high dependency that the generality of humankind and numerous Engineering disciplines have on Mechanical Engineering, there is no real limit of job opportunities for Mechanical Engineers. The list is inexhaustive and includes the following industries: Aerospace, Agriculture, Automation, Automotive, Biomedical, Clothing, Combustion engines, Defence, Design, Energy, HVAC, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Marine, Mining, Production, Robotics, Warehousing, Water, Welding, Zeppelins.

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