The BSc Honours in Chemical Technology programme hopes to achieve the following broad objective:-

  • Develop skills and attitudes that will enable them to participate actively in the development of the country.
  • Develop professionals who can utilize natural resources (agriculture, mining, water, air) for the benefit of the country.
  • Develop research and innovative skills which are lead to production of goods and services
  • Produce professionals who are innovative and capable to create employment for themselves.
  • Positively impact on the life of ordinary people worldwide.


Normal Entry

In order to qualify for normal entry to a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree Programme in the Department of Chemical Technology, a prospective student must satisfy the Entry Regulations specified in the General and Faculty of Science and Technology Regulations.

The student must have obtained a Pass at A level in Chemistry and Physics or Mathematics and any one of the following subjects or their equivalents:

Biology, Computer Science, Food Science.


After completing the programme graduates will be open to the following opportunities;

  • start a chemical manufacturing business.
  • work in chemical industry as a technical business analyst, production manager (supervisor), product development chemist/manager, quality controllers, quality assurance managers
  • work in public sector such as customs as chemical experts
  • pollution control, industrial development organisations and laboratories.
  • join the Police as Forensic Scientist
  • work as chemists in food, metallurgical, sugar refinery, pharmaceutical, textile, paint, agrochemicals, plastics, rubber and allied, pulp and paper, mining industries and agriculture, water and effluent treatment plants.
  • Work in research and development Departments in industry and research institutes