Chairperson : Dr Esther Chigidi (PhD)

Programmes offered within the department

Undergraduate Degree

  • Bsc Mathematics Honours Degree
  • Bsc Applied Statistics Honours Degree

Department of Mathematics


After completion of the BSc (hon) in Mathematics degree programme students should be able to do the following:

  • To apply mathematical and economic concepts, principles and processes.
  • To pursue post- graduate studies.
  • To design and implement a computer programming task as well as a sound knowledge,of mathematics and of business studies across a broad spread of areas.
  • To teach secondary school mathematics with computer applications up to ‘A’ Level and
  • To conduct research at whatever level.



The department offers a B.Sc (Hons) in Mathematics Degree which consists of four levels. In Levels I and II all students follow a common mathematics curriculum. Level III is reserved for student Work-Related Learning in industry and commerce. In Level IV students study the core modules and have a wide variety of electives to choose from, which however will be governed by the availability of staff.


Normal Entry

To qualify for the programme, applicants must meet the general entry requirements, and in addition they should have passed “A” Level Mathematics and any other science or commercial subject or their recognised equivalence.

Special Entry

To qualify for the programme applicants must have a diploma in Mathematics or any other related field.

If you would like to apply for the programme Download Application Material


Applied Mathematics has immense applications in the fields of Science, Engineering, Industry and Commerce. After students graduate they are employable in the following areas:

Acturial Sciences; Financial Institutions: (banks, building societies, insurance companies and pension funds)

Meteorology (forecasting);

Manufacturing industry (production/operation management);

Industrial Research; Research and Project Management in NGOs, research stations, etc;

Mining Sector; Teaching and Lecturing and many other relevant areas of the economy.


Department of Mathematics

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