Bsc Social Work Honours Degree (BSW)

The Bachelor of Social Work Honours Degree programme offers a generic social work education that prepares students to practice as qualified social workers in a variety of social work settings. The programme also aims at producing social workers with the competencies to practice, not only in Zimbabwe but regionally and internationally as well. The programme helps students to understand the genesis of socio-economic problems and their impact on human well-being. Students are expected to use this as the basis for designing appropriate intervention strategies to restore or enhance human well-being.

Entry requirements:
  • Normal Entry

Applicants must comply with Section 3.1 of the General Regulations. For entry into the Bachelor of Social Work Honours degree, candidates should have two ‘A’ level passes in arts subjects and a pass in English Language at ‘O’ level.

  • Special Entry

Candidates who hold a Diploma or Certificate in Social Work or an equivalent qualification may apply for admission into the Bachelor of Social Work degree programme. The Department will use its discretion in granting exemptions from some of the modules. However, no candidate admitted under Special Entry will be allowed to complete the degree in less than three years.