Staff Profile

/Mrs Tendai Maparara


  •  Master of Science (Agricultural and Applied Economics) – University of Zimbabwe
  • Bsc (Agricultural Economics) – University of Zimbabwe
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education – Midlands State University

Research Interests

  • Environmental Economics and Agricultural Development


  • TatsvareiS., Mujeyi K., Mugari E.M., Maparara T. (2015)A Value Chain Analysis of Tabasco Chillies Grown by Smallholder Farmers in Nyanga District, Zimbabwe. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare ISSN 2224-3208
  • Chivizhe J.B, Gwazane M, Maparara T., Mika H.P (2014) Agricultural Extension Worker Training Needs Survey. The Case of Irrigation Schemes in The Midlands Province Of Zimbabwe. Research journali’s Journal of Human Resource Vol. 2 ISSN 2347-825X



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