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/Mrs Primrose Gurira
Mrs Primrose Gurira

Position: Lecturer

Department: Banking and Finance
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  • Master of Science in Finance and Investments (NUST)
  • Bachelor of Commerce Banking and Finance honours degree (MSU)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (MSU)


Research interests

  • Financial literacy, financial inclusion and risk management.


  1. Masere V.S &Kaja P. (2014). An Investigation of the Relationship between Government Expenditure and Revenue in a Multicurrency Economy: A case of Zimbabwe. Journal of economics and sustainable development.5, Number14.
  2. Masere V.S &Kaja P. (2015).An investigation of the determinants of married women career progression in Zimbabwe.International Journal of Engineering Research and Management. Volume 2, Issue 1.
  3. Kaja, P., Mutanga, M., Masere V. S., &Ngezi, T., (2015). An econometric estimation of a retail credit rating model: Case of Banking institutions in Zimbabwe, IOSI Journal of Management and Economics,Volume 1, Issue 1; Page No. 18-25.
  4. Mutanga M., Kaja P., &Moyo N.G.,(2015). Role conflict and the effects among accountants in Zimbabwean listed Companies.International Journal of Management & Business Studies.Volume. 5, Issue 3.

Community Engagement

  1. Student Disciplinary Committee (Faculty of Commerce representative).
  2. Open Day (Department of Banking and Finance Representative).
  3. Student Benevolent fund committee (Department of Banking and Finance Representative).
  4. Work Related learning supervision and assessments.


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