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/Miss Adele Mcilo
Miss Adele Mcilo

Position: Teaching Assistant

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  • Bsc Politics and Public Management (MSU)
  • Certificate of Recognition and Academic Achievement and Leaders skills (University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA) (2014).
  • Certificate of completion of study of the study of the United States Institute for student leaders in Civic Engagement and Democracy- University of Nebraska. Lincoln. USA (2014).

Research Interests

  • Democracy and Human Rights
  • Public Law
  • Youth and Community Development
  • Women and Politics
  • Political Communication
  • Corporate Governance


1 “ Student Activism and the Repositioning of the Girl Child in Zimbabwe’s Tertiary institutions. The case study of Midlands State University Student Representative Council2000-2015” Vol 1, Isue2 2016.

-International journal of Scientific Research



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