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/Dr. A Muposhi 
Dr. A Muposhi 

Position: Chairperson

Department: Marketing Management
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  • PhD (UJ),
  • DTEC (VUT),
  • MCom (MSU),
  • Bcom (MSU),

Research interests

  • Green marketing
  • Social Marketing 


  • Muposhi, A. (2019). Emergence of green capitalism in South Africa: Implications for green economy agenda. International Journal of Business and Management Studies, 11(1), 1-15.
  • Muposhi, A. & Dhurup, M. (2018). A content analysis of e-cigarettes selling propositions on South African retail websites. The Journal of Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa, 14(1), 1-6.
  • Muposhi, A., Dhurup, M. & Shamhuyenhanzva, R. (2018). Underlying correlates of consumer’s attitudes towards Chinese apparel and relationship with purchase intention in South Africa. The Journal of Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa, 14(1), 1-10.
  • Muposhi, A. (2018). Green marketing trek: Drivers, challenges and future directions in emerging markets: A systematic literature review. Journal of Economics & Behavioural Studies, 10(1), 122-124.
  • Muposhi, A. & Dhurup, M. (2017). The influence of green marketing tools on green eating efficacy and green eating behaviour. Journal of Economics & Behavioural Studies, 9(2), 76-87.
  • Mafini, C. & Muposhi, A. (2017). The impact of green supply chain management in small to medium enterprises: Cross Sectional evidence. Journal of Transport & Supply Chain Management, 11(0).270.https://do1.org/10.4102.
  • Muposhi, A. & Dhurup, M. (2017). To blend or not to blend? Consumer attitudes towards mandatory use of ethanol-blended fuel in Zimbabwe. The Journal of Transdisciplinary Research in Southern Africa, 13(1), 1-7.
  • Mafini, C. & Muposhi, A. (2017). Predictive analytics for supply chain collaboration, risk management and financial performance in small to medium enterprises. Southern Business Review, 21, 311-338.
  • Muposhi, A. & Dhurup, M. (2016). A qualitative inquiry of Generation Y consumers’ selection attributes in case of organic products. International Business & Economic Research Journal, 15(1), 1-14.
  • Dhurup, M. & Muposhi, A. (2016). A factorial analysis of the antecedents of green purchase and the relationship with green purchase intention and green purchase behaviour. Pakistani Journal of Social Sciences, 13(4), 32-43.
  • Muposhi, A. & Dhurup, M. (2016). Is vaping a panacea or peril: Consumer attitudes towards electronic cigarettes and relationship with quitting intention.  African Journal for Physical Activity & Health Sciences, 21(4.1), 655-666.
  • Dhurup, M., Muposhi, A. & Shamhuyenhanzva, R. (2015). Factors influencing South African consumers’ attitudes and purchase intention towards foreign sport apparel. African Journal for Physical Activity & Health Sciences, 21(4.1), 1271-1289. 

conference papers

  • Muposhi, A. & Dhurup, M. 2016. Diffusion of electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid among young consumers.  7th International Conference on Social Sciences ICSS-2016. Cape Town-South Africa 22-23 September 2016.
  • Muposhi, A. & Dhurup, M. 2016.The influence of green atmospherics on store image, store loyalty and green purchase behaviour. Proceedings of the 28th Annual Conference of the Southern African Institute of Management Scientists. Pretoria-South Africa, 4-7 September 2016.
  • Muposhi, A. 2017. Predictors of norm violating behaviour in sustainable water consumption. 8th International Conference on Social Sciences ICSS-2017. Durban-South Africa 27-28 September 2017.

University service

  • Member of the Higher Degrees Committee
  • Member of the Research Committee

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