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/Dr Alphonce Tavona Shiri
Dr Alphonce Tavona Shiri
Dr Alphonce Tavona Shiri

Position: Lecturer

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  • PhD in Management (UKZN); MBA (Bellevue University, USA); BSc Bus Admn (Midland, USA); Diploma in Education (UZ)

Research interests

  • Leadership development,
  • Emotions and performance,
  • Innovation & Creativity,
  • Asset Management


 Book Chapters

  • Shiri, A.T (2017). The role of leadership in cultivating a responsible and collective creative work environment p82-105, in Fields, Z (ed) Collective Creativity for Responsible and Sustainable  Business Practice; IGI Global ISBN 13; 9781522518235
  • Shiri, A.T. (2013) The impact of taxation on gender empowerment in Gweru, Zimbabwe, in Khamasi, W.J., Longman, C., and VanHaegendoren, M (Eds). Gender practices and challenges; a call for accountability. Eldoret; Moi University Press. ISBN 9966-854-89-4
  • Shiri, A.T (2015). Business models for social entrepreneurs: Insights from Zimbabwean women practices, in Fields, Z (ed) Incorporating business models and strategies into social entrepreneurship. Hershey; IGI Global ISBN 9781466687486


  • Shiri, Chirume & Fields (2015) Profitability of bank operations  under a  liquidity crisis: A case  of Gweru banking sector, Journal of Economics 6(2);129-139; ISSN 0976-5239
  • Shiri, Chitakunye & Fields (2014) Emotional Intelligence: A critical success factor for funeral insurance sales; Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences 5(20), ISSN 2039-9340 (print), ISSN 2039-2117 (online)
  • Shiri, Chirume & Mabika (2016); Managing cost to optimize crop yields: a comparative study of indigenous knowledge and scientifically tested systems; IjidoJouirnal of Agriculture ISSN: 2455-7668
  • Shiri & Fields under review with JCM: A conceptual model on the effect of leadership style on life insurance sales person performance 

International Conferences

  • Gaborone University College of  Law Conference 4-5 July 2018
  • Zimbabwe Open University International conference 2016
  • The “2nd   International  Gender Symposium” at  MOI UNIVERSITY, Kenya  Jan 25 to 27, 2012
  • “Mediating  Crisis, Diversity and  Change in Africa” at Laikipia University, Kenya June 20 to 23 2012
  • SASE International Conference on Education and sustainable development  at Great Zimbabwe Hotel 4 to 6 October 2012
  • Catholic University of  Eastern Africa 2nd Annual interdisciplinary conference from 25 to 29 June 2013


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