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/Prof Charles Tembo
Prof Charles Tembo

Position: Associate Professor

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  • DLitt et Phil-UNISA,
  • M.A- UZ,
  • B.A Hons- MSU

Research Interests:

  • Africology
  • African Literary & Renaissance Studies


  • Charles TemboAn embodied Culture of optimism and struggle: The Tongai Moyo example-JPAS Vol 6 No 5, 2013
  • Charles Tembo and Dave E Mutasa- In pursuit of endogeneity: An analysis of selected Post-independence Shona Poetry, SAFOS Vol. 27 No. 1, 2017
  • Charles Tembo and Tevedzerai Gijimah-Autochthony in the midst of Afro-pessimism in Chirikure Chirikure’s poetry- African Journal of Language and Culture, Vol 1 no 2, 2013
  • Allan T Maganga and Charles TemboExpounding Selected Shona Novelists’ Perspectives on Ritual Murder in Dyke Vol 9 (1) 2015
  • Allan Maganga, Charles Tembo and Peterson Dewah– Singing the Second Chimurenga: An Afrocentric elucidation of Simon Chimbetu’s selected songs- South African Journal of Oral History vol 3 No1 2015
  • Phillip Mpofu and Charles Tembo-Militarising music and demilitarising the military: Making sense of Musoja in Zimdancehall music in Muziki Vol 12 no 1, 2015
  • Itai Muwati, Charles Tembo and Dave Mutasa- Children’s songs and human factor development-SAJAL Vol 35 No1 2016
  • Charles Tembo and Allan T Maganga-Propagating self-hatred and dis-membering Africans through song- Jibilika-Journal of Performing arts
  • Charles Tembo and Dave Mutasa-Shona Proverbial lore, agency and optimism- South African Journal of Folklore Studies, Vol 22 (2) 2012
  • Charles Tembo, Allan T Maganga and Nenduwa Aphios- Musician as Culture Hero: Exploring Male-Female Relations in PaChihera and Simon Chimbetu’s Selected Songs – Commonwealth Youth and Development, Vol 13 No 2, 2015
  • Charles Tembo, Itai Muwati and Willie Chigidi– Music, nation and politics: An analysis of Tongai Moyo’s music in the decade of crisis in Singing nation and Politics in the decade of crisis- 2000-2010, MSU Press, 2017.
  • Willie Chigidi and Charles Tembo– Traditional oral literature and the socialisation of the Shona (Zimbabwe) girl child- African Journal of Language and Culture Vol 1 no2 2013
  • Advice Viriri and Charles Tembo– Language, Voice and Literature: expression of African spiritual experience in Zimbabwe’s Chimurenga war narratives- Imbizo vol 1(1) 2010
  • Muwati, I, Tembo C and Mutasa DE  Woman with voice: An analysis of female agency in Dino Mudondo’s song, ‘Jatirofa’ and Josphat Somanje’s ‘Handibvume’, in  South African Journal of African Languages Vol 38 Issue 2, 2018.
  • Charles Tembo– Humanising and harmonising Africans through Poetry- The Chirikure Chirikure Example International Journal of Contemporary Research Vol 1 No 1 2014
  • Tembo Charles & Mutasa. DE -Life-affirmation in Greater Mhondera’s ‘Usatye Kani Africa & Chirikure’s ‘Europe Vakomana’ in South African Journal of African Languages Vol 39 No 2 2019
  • Utilising IKS or Crime against Humanity? A critical engagement with Discourses on Alick Macheso’s Use of Manhood to treat Nhova- South African Journal of Oral History Vol 7 No 1, 2019

Book Chapters

  • Charles Tembo, Itai Muwati and Chabata Emmanuel– Politicians and political parties in the music of Chipanga- in Muwati, I, Charamba. T & Tembo. C- in Singing Nation and Politics: Music and the decade of crisis in Zimbabwe – 2000-2010, MSU Press (2018)
  • Charles Tembo and Phillip Mpofu– ‘ More than just Nicknames’: Manifestations of Nommo in Honour and Celebration of the Lives of Heroes and Heroines in post-independence Zimbabwe in Mashiri, P. et al Zimbabwe Naming Practices, and Patterns. Harare: UZ Publications.
  • Charles Tembo, Itai Muwati & Willie Chigidi- Music, Nation, and Politics: A critical engagement with Tongai Moyo’s Music on the Crisis- in Singing Nation and Politics: Music and the decade of crisis in Zimbabwe – 2000-2010, MSU Press (2018)

Community Engagement

  • Shenuti-Afrocentricity International (Zimbabwe)

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