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/Prof E Chauraya
Prof E Chauraya

Position: Executive Dean : Faculty Of Education

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  • Doctorate in Education (Comparative and International Education). Title of thesis- Implementation of Gender Policy Programmes in Zimbabwe Universities), University of South Africa (2012)
  • Masters in Education ( 2000) University of Zimbabwe
  • Bachelor of Education (1995) University of Zimbabwe
  • Certificate in Education (1986) University of Zimbabwe

Research Interests:

  • Gender Issues in society
  • Gender issues in the curriculum
  • Curriculum Development issues
  • Gender and Political instability


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  • Chauraya, Efiritha (2013)Early Childhood Development Literature: Symbolic Representation and Gender Significance, African Journal of Children’s Literature, Vol. 1 No 2, 2013, pp 19-31.
  • Chauraya, Efiritha (2014)Access or inclusion? Conceptualisation and operationalisation of gender equality in Zimbabwe state universities, Perspectives in Education, 32 (4), pp5-20.
  • Zikhali, joyce, Chauraya Efiritha, Madzanire Daniel and Maphosa Cosmas, (2015) An Exploration of Factors Affecting Students’ Studies in one Selected University in Zimbabwe, International Journal of Education Science, 9 (2) pp 243-254.
  • Chauraya, Efirtha (2013) Theorizing Gender in Film:The case of Mwanasikana, Revisualising Africa: Journal of African Cinema, Vol 1, No 2, 2013 Chauraya, Efiritha (2014) Perceptions about women academic leaders: a reflection of power in higher education, Madirativhenga: African Journal of Language and Literature, vol 1, no. 1, 2014.

Research Based Books:

  • Chauraya, E. (2012), Utility of the Tripartite Student Teacher Mentoring Scheme in Zimbabwe: Hopes, Gaps and Challenges Expressed. Lambert Academic Publishing:
    ISBN -978-3-659-29185-9. (128 pages). 5 chapters
  • Chauraya E. (2015), Gender in Higher Education, published by Africa Institute for Culture, Peace, Dialogue and Tolerance. ISBN -978-0-7974-611 9-2. 6 chapters. (Book currently in print.

Chapters in a Book:

  • ‘Understanding Gender’ (Chapter 1) in Introduction to Gender Studies: A Student Guide (2011). Booklove Publishers: Gweru
  • ‘Redressing Gender Imbalances’ (Chapter 7) in Introduction to Gender Studies: A Student Guide (2011). Booklove Publishers: Gweru


  •  Chauraya, E. (2007), ‘ZIVA KODZERO DZAKO: Mhosva Dzapabonde’, Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society (CASAS): Cape Town.
    ISBN- 978-1-919932-71-2

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