Staff Profile

/Dr Enard Mutenheri


  • BSc Economics, MSc Economics UZ,
  • MSc Economics UK,
  • PhD Economics,
  • MSc Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Research Interests 

  • Applied business statistics and econometrics


  • Mandishekwa, R.and E.  Mutenheri (2020), The economic activities among mining-induced displacees in Arda Transau, Zimbabwe. Mineral Economics
  • Mandishekwa, R.and E.  Mutenheri (2019), Quantification and modelling life satisfaction among internal displacees in Arda Transau, Zimbabwe. Int. J. Happiness and Development,Vol. 5, No. 4, 298-327
  • Mutenheri, E. and V.R. Matinha (2017). The Determinants of Commercial Bank Profitability in Zimbabwe: A Dynamic Panel Data Model. Journal of Economics and Sustainable Deevelopment, 8(12), 72-77
  • Nhema N. and E. Mutenheri (2016) Factors that influence the turnover intentions of employees in the tourism sector in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Management Sciences and Business Research, 5(12), 158-165
  • Mutenheri, E and C. Mnangagwa (2015), The Determinants of Capital Structure in Zimbabwe during the Multicurrency Regime, Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, 6 (19), p.104-108
  • Zawaira, T and E. Mutenheri (2014), The association between working capital management and profitability of non financial companies listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, International Journal of Research in Social Sciences, 3 (8), p.114-120
  • Mutenheri. E (2014), Correlates of Multiple Sexual Partnerships Among Formerly Married Men in Zimbabwe, International Journal of Research In Medical and Health Sciences, 3 (5), p.25-32.
  • Mutenheri.E and C. Green (2003), Financial Reform and Financing Decisions of listed firms in Zimbabwe, Journal of African Business 4 (2), p. 155-170

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