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/Dr Francis Muromo
Dr Francis Muromo

Position: Research Fellow

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  • PhD in Rural Resource Management, University of KwaZulu Natal
  • MPhil in African Studies, University of Cape Town
  • MSc in Rural and Urban Planning, University of Zimbabwe
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning & Management (PDDPPM), University of Zimbabwe
  • Bachelor of Education degree in Geography (BED), University of Zimbabwe
  • Certificate in Monitoring & Evaluation, University of Zimbabwe
  • Diploma in Education, University of Zimbabwe

Research Interests

  • Dynamics behind the sugarcane out grower model inherited from the colonial era


  • Project Planning and Management Module (2012); Women’s University in Africa, Harare
  • Enforcement Orders in Harare: A Way of Development Control? Zambezia Vol 3 (2006) – University of Zimbabwe Journal, Harare.
  • Planning and Management of Child Rights Based Projects (2018), Women’s University in Africa, Harare

Under review (2019)

  • The evolution of the sugarcane out grower scheme in Zimbabwe’s South Eastern Lowveld, Journal of Agrarian Change
  • Post-independence land reforms in Zimbabwe’s sugar estates: A case of Hippo Valley, Mkwasine and Triangle, Journal of Peasant Studies.
  • Sugar pricing and marketing after land reform in Zimbabwe, Review of African Political Economy.

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