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/Dr G Chikowore
Dr G Chikowore

Position: Senior Lecturer

Department: Development Studies
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  • PhD Geography [Transformative Regional Integration and International Aid]
  • Diploma International Relations, Economic Management and Administration.
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow [UJ GEMES RSA 2010-2012]
  • Visiting Research Fellow [IDE JETRO Japan 2004]
  • Senior Research Fellow [UZ CASS]
  • Research Associate: UNISA CEMS
  • Coordinator: MSU Development Cooperation Project

Research Interests:

  • Transformation, regional integration, local communities, international aid
  • development cooperation
  • forestry
  • digital technology
  • green economy.


  • Chikowore G. (2019) Natural Disasters and Development Opportunities: Cyclone Idai, Challenges, Integration and Development alternatives in Zimbabwe and sub Saharan Africa in the new millennium. The Fountain Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. Vol 3, Issue 3 . November/ December 2019.
  • G Chikowore, Nhavira J M.,Chinyanganya JM, Manasa Sibanda, P Chikowore (2018) Comparative analysis of migration trends in Africa within a Global  Context: case of socioeconomic cultural integration in Northern and Southern Africa in Agenda 2030 phase. pp 56-59. The Fountain Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. Vol 2, Issue 1.2018 (Please Note: Chikowore G Main Author and rest courtesy co-authors)
  • (Book) Godfrey Chikowore (2017) Transformative Essence of Japan Official Development Assistance Policy: Significance for millennium regional economic cooperation and integration in Southern and Sub Saharan Africa 1980-2015 and Post 2015 Agenda Phase. University of Zimbabwe Publications. Harare. p119. [Book – single authored].
  • (Book)  Chinyanganya J M., Chikowore G., Moyo S B (2020) The Emerging Prominence of Women in Peace Support Operations in Africa: The Case of Zimbabwe. Amazon Books. Online.
  • (Book) Chikowore G., Harold Annegarn.(2020) Theory and practice of transformative regional integration and cooperation in developing and developed nations. University of Zimbabwe Publications. Harare. p 672. [Advanced Publication Pipeline UZ Publications ].
  • (Book) Chikowore G., Magaya W., Chinyanganya J M., Chiyangwa P (2020) PHD Ministries Oracle: Bringing the people of world to the doorstep of the Heavenly Kingdom. MSU Publications, Gweru. p 217. [Tabled …in the pipeline]
  • G Chikowore, etal (2018) Analyzing the new millennium role and place of socioeconomic geography in deepening regional economic cooperation and integration: the case of South Africa and Zimbabwe. Advances in Economics and Business Volume 6, Issue 4. p 241-255.
  • Chikowore G, Chinyanganya J M, Sibanda Manasa (2017) Transformative potential of TICAD VI: scope of aid driven socioeconomic cultural integration in Southern and Sub Saharan Africa in post 2015 Agenda phase. Zimbabwe Open University Online Journal.  International Open and Distance Learning Journal Volume2 Issue 3, 2017. [Please Note: Chikowore G is main author rest mere courtesy co-authors].
  • Godfrey Chikowore, etal (2018) Analyzing the socioeconomic and cultural disparities across the African continent and challenges of eliminating development inequalities in the Africa Agenda phase 2030. Zimbabwe Open University Online Journal. International Open and Distance Learning Journal. Vol 3 , Issue 4, December 2018. 
  • G Chikowore, etal (2018) Socio-economic impact of migration on deepening regional integration in Africa: transformation prospects and alternatives in Africa Agenda 2063 phase.   Zimbabwe Open University Online Journal. International Open and Distance Learning Journal. Vol 3, Issue 3, September 2018.
  • Chinyanganya J M., Chikowore G (2020) Security strategic Dimensions of the Fast Track Land Reform Program in Zimbabwe. A socio-political discourse. Journal of Interdisciplinary Academic Research (JIAR). Vol 3. Issue 1, 2617 – 2917. p 22.
  • Chikowore G (2020) Transformative human centred development model for Zimbabwe: drawing from Rhodesia. International Journal of Business and Social Science. Vol 11, No3.
  • Chikowore G (2020) Impact of climate change in urban economies development in Zimbabwe: the case of Noevil Chinda Heights Mine Surburbs in Zvishavane, Midlands Province. Journal of Liberal Arts and Humanities (JLAH). Vol 1, Number 4.   

Community Engagement:

  • Former Director: University of Zimbabwe Institute of Development Studies 2006-2012;
  • Former Member: University of Zimbabwe Council 2002-2009
  • Former Member: University of Zimbabwe Council Executive Management Committee 2004-2009
  • Former Chairperson: University of Zimbabwe Institute of Development Studies, Dept of International Relations and Social Development Studies
  • Laureate: Institute of Developing Economies JETRO, Japan 2003-2004
  • Laureate: Candido Mendes University, Brazil 2007
  • Post Doctoral Fellow: University of Johannesburg GEMES 2010-2012
  • Post Doctoral Fellow: Midlands State University 2018
  • Research Associate: UNISA CEMS  2017 -present 
  • Founding Member and Coordinator : MSU Development Cooperation, Transformation and International Aid project 2019 to present
  • Member Higher Degrees Committee MSU Department of Development Studies 2019 
  • Member MSU Faculty of Arts Higher Degrees Committee 2019.
  • Member MSU Tokwe Mukorsi Dam Resettlement Project 2018 to present
  • External Examiner: Great Zimbabwe University. Dept of Sociology and Anthropological Studies 2015 to present
  • External Examiner: UNISA Department of Geography 2012 
  • External Examiner: University of Johannesburg- GEMES 2010-2018
  • External Examiner: University of Zimbabwe- Centre for Applied Social Sciences 2018-present  
  • Editor: International Journals. Horizon Research Publishers, USA. 2020 to present.
  • Webinar: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs 2020 to present
  • Webinar : E- Learning Africa 2020 to present 
  • Webinar: AFRODAD 2020 to present.
  • Host: ZBC / ZTV Melting Pot Program 2004-2010
  • National Coordinator: Zimbabwe Cooperative Movement and Formalization  Report 2015 

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