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/Dr Gift Mehlana
Dr Gift Mehlana

Position: Lecturer

Department: Chemical Technology


  • PhD Crystal Engineering (UCT)
  •  BSc Chemical Technology (MSU)

Research Interests:

  • Development of novel materials and their applications in heterogeneous catalysis, biomedical science and sensing.

Research Group:


  • Mehlana, G., Wilkinson, C Ramon, G. & Bourne, S. A. Reversible Thermochromic and Mechanochromic behaviour in a 3D hydrogen bonded discrete compound, Polyhedron, 98, 224-229, (2015).
  • Bacchi A, Bourne S.A, Cantoni, G, Silvia A. M. Cavallone, Mazza.S, Mehlana, G.,Pelagatti P, &Righi. L: Reversible Guest Removal and Selective Guest Exchange with a Covalent Dinuclear Wheel-and-Axle Metallorganic Host Constituted by Half-Sandwich Ru(II) Wheels Connected by a Linear Diphosphine Axle Cryst. Growth & Design 15, 1876-1888, (2015).
  • Mehlana, G., Ramon, G. & Bourne, S. A. The role of C–H⋯π interactions in modulating the breathing amplitude of a 2D square lattice net: alcohol sorption studies. CrystEngComm 16, 8160 (2014).
  • Mehlana, G., Ramon, G. & Bourne, S. A. Methanol mediated crystal transformations in a solvatochromic metal organic framework constructed from Co(ii) and 4-(4-pyridyl) benzoate. CrystEngComm 15, 9521 (2013). SELECTED AS A HOT ARTICLE FOR SEPTEMBER 2013 IN CRYSTENGCOMM.
  • Mehlana, G., Ramon, G. & Bourne, S. A. Alcohol responsive 2D coordination network of 3-(4-pyridyl)benzoate and Zinc(II). ZeitschriftfürKrist. – Cryst. Mater. 228, 318–322 (2013).
  • Mehlana, G., Ramon, G. & Bourne, S. A. &Öhrström, L. A, Concomitant Metal Organic Frameworks of Cobalt(II) and 3 (4- Pyridyl)benzoate: Optimized Synthetic Conditions of Solvatochromic and Thermochromic Systems. Cryst. Growth & Des. 13, 633 (2013).
  • Bourne S.A, Mehlana G, Ramon .G, Thermo-and solvatochromic coordination networks of 4-(4-pyridyl)benzoic acid. ActaCrystallographica Section A Foundations of Crystallography 08/2012; 68(a1).
  • Mehlana, G., Bourne, S. A., Ramon, G, A new class of Thermo- and solvatochromic metal organic frameworks based on 4-(4- pyridyl)benzoic acid. Dalton Trans., 41, 4224 (2012).
  • Bacchi, SA Bourne, G. Cantoni, G. Mehlana, P. Pelagattia and S. Rizzato L, Inclusion propensity of new wheel-and axle complexes based on Ru(II) half-sandwich units, Chimica e I’industria 95(4), 112-114 (2013).
  • Mehlana, V. Chitsa and T. Mugadza, Recent Advances in Metal-Organic Frameworks Based on Pyridylbenzoates: Properties and Applications, RSC Advances, 5, 88218–88233 (2015).

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