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/Dr Ireen Mudeka
Dr Ireen Mudeka

Position: Chairperson

Department: Development Studies
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  • PhD; History Major and Development Studies Minor (University of Minnesota, USA),
  • Master of Arts in Economic History, (University of Zimbabwe),
  • BA Honors in Economic History (University of Zimbabwe).

Research Interests

  • Gendered socio-economic dynamics of migration in Africa,
  • Implications for survival and livelihoods
  • Gender and Informal Mining in Rural Zimbabwe


  • Mudeka I., “We Faced Mabvuto”: The State, African Authorities and Nyasa Women’s Experiences of Migration to Rhodesia, 1935-1960s, The Dyke, vol. 7, No. 3, (2013), 102-119.
  • Mudeka I., “Women and the limitations of Zimbabwe’s Indigenization and Economic Empowerment Policy: A Gendered Appraisal” in D. Munemo and J. Matunhu,(eds) Selected Issues in Development, (Book Love, Harare, 2014).
  • Mudeka I., “Female Combatants and Shifting Gender Perceptions during Zimbabwe’s Liberation War, 1966-1979”, International Journal of Gender and Women’s Studies, vol.2, No.1, (March 2014), pp83-104.
  • Mudeka I., Goredema D. and Mukuhlani T., “Social Repair and National Healing in the Context of a Failed Demobilization and the Perpetual War Mentality in Zimbabwe”, Southern Peace Review Journal, vol.3, No. 1, (September 2014)
  • P. Chigora, D. Goredema and I. Mudeka, “Underperformance of Students at Institutions of Higher Learning in Zimbabwe in the 21st Century: Possible Explanations”, OSSREA Bulletin, vol. 11, No.3, (October 2014).
  • Mukuhlani T., Mudeka I. and Manavale P., “The Role of Church-based Organizations in Peace-building: A Case Study of CCJP in Masvingo Diocese, 2008-2013”, Southern Peace Review Journal, vol.3, No. 1, (September, 2014).

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