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/Prof Jephias Matunhu

Qualifications  :       

  • Certificate in Education (MTC).
  • Certificate in Management of Training (IPMZ).
  • Certificate in Computers (Gweru Polytechnic).
  • B Ed Administration,Planning and Policy Studies (UZ).
  • M Ed Administration, Planning and Policy Studies (UZ).
  • MBA (Zimbabwe Open University).
  • PhD Development Studies.

Research Interests :

  • Sustainable Rural Development
  • Climate change

Ongoing/Current Research

  • Urban hegemony over rural communities in Zimbabwe
  • Sustainable rural livelihoods in the context of climate change

Publications :

  • Matunhu, J. (2013). China’s Development: Lessons for Africa, The Dyke 7 (1) 136-149.
  • Matunhu, J. (2012). Rural Banking for Development in Zimbabwe: a Conceptual Analysis, Nkumba Business Journal, (11) 1-12 see
  • Matunhu, J. (2012). From Modernity to Dependency Theories Poverty Still Remains in Africa: Which way now? Knowledge Platform Journal,Mambo Press 1(1), 130-135.
  • Matunhu, J., &Nengwenkhulu, R. (2012). Democracy and Rural Development in post-Apartheid South Africa, Journal of Development Studies,1 (2) 105-115.
  • Matunhu, J. (2012). Indigenisation of Foreign-owned Companies: Challenges and Opportunities for Rural Development in Zimbabwe (2012), Southern Peace Review Journal, 2(1) 5-20.
  • Matunhu, J. (2012). Revisiting how Knowledge Economy of the Centre Sustains Rural Poverty and Underdevelopment in Africa, The Dyke, 6 (2) 189-201.
  • Matunhu, J. (2012). Focusing on Psycho-social Effects of the May 2008 Xenophobic attacks in South Africa, African Journal of Justice and Criminology. 6 (1&2) 95-108.
  • Matunhu, J. (2012). Poverty and Corporate Social Responsibility in Africa: A critical assessment, ZOU Journal of Open and Distance Learning, 1(1) 84-94.
  • Matunhu, J., Makura, AH, &Matunhu, V. (2011). Relevance of Ordinary ‘O’ and Advanced ‘A’ levels Agriculture syllabi in addressing food shortages in Chivi District of Zimbabwe, Fort Hare Papers 18 (3) 66-77.
  • Ndhlovu, S. and Matunhu, J. (2011). Implementation of MIPA in HIV/AIDS Programmes in Matobo District of Zimbabwe, Journal of Science and Sustainable Development,1(4); 3-14.
  • Matunhu, J. (2011). Global Interconnectedness (GIC): a curse or a blessing to Africa’s Development? Zimbabwe Political Science Review, 2 (1) 20-28.
  • Chemhuru, C., Matunhu, J., Nyamande, S.W., Mahlathini, J., &Shumba A. (2011). Influences on Fertility Control and Early Parenthood in a Rural District in Zimbabwe, Journal of Psychology in Africa, 21 (4) 577.
  • Matunhu, J. (2011). The impact of Fast Track Land Reform on Rural Poverty in Masvingo District in Zimbabwe, The Dyke 5 (1) 126-145.
  • Matunhu, J. (2011). A critique of Modernization and Development Theories in Africa: A Critical Assessment.African Journal of History and Culture. 3(5)65–72.
  • Matunhu, J. (2010). Every Dark Cloud has Silver Lining: Searching for Benefits of Zimbabwe’s Economic and Political recession: Journal of History and Development 1(2) 50-59.
  • Munemo, D. & Matunhu, J. (2011). Tracing sources of regime change agenda in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Political Science Review, 1 (2) 26-38.
  • Matunhu, J. (2010). Rural poverty: what is the nature of research and level of public involvement in research of Chivi District residents? Walter Sisulu Universitypp315-325.
  • Matunhu, J, & Matunhu, V. (2008). Performance Management in Parastatals; the case of NRZ and ZUPCO (Zimbabwe). Africa Institute of South Africa- Africa Insight, 38 (1) 118-135.
  • Matunhu, J. (2008). Rural poverty and land reforms in South Africa: Issues and Reform Dilemmas,African Journal of Development Studies, 1 (14) 159-194.
  • Matunhu, J. (2008). Rural poverty trap: which way out for South Africa. Tamara Journal of Critical Organization Inquiry, 7 (7.1-2) 200-213.
  • Matunhu, J. (2008). Theorizing Regional Economic Integration for Africa’s Development in the 21st African Journal of Development Studies, 1 (15) 17-51.
  • Matunhu, J. (2008). Revisiting rural poverty and social policy implementation in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. African Journal of Development Studies.
  • Matunhu, J. (2008). Regional Economic Integration: the key to Africa’s Development in the 21st OSSREA, 5 (2) 10-22.
  • Matunhu, J. (2007). Decentralization of the Staffing of Schools in Zimbabwe. African Journal of Development Studies, 1 (12)128-150.
  • Books
  • Matunhu, J. (2012). Rural Development: putting Agriculture first in South Africa, Gweru: Love Book and Mambo Press.
  • Matunhu, J. (2011). Rural Agriculture for Rural Development in South Africa, London: Lambert Academic Publishers.
  • Matunhu, J. and Munemo, D. (2013) (e ds). Selected Issues in Development; Gweru: Booklove.

Published Book Chapters

  • Matunhu, J. (2012). Nexus between Teacher Education and Africa’s Development. In 56thICET Year Book on Teacher Education, University Coast of Ghana: Association of African Universities (AAU).
  • Matunhu, J. (2011). Africa’s Poverty Eclipse: Will the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) dissipate it? In Setting of New Social Science Research Agendas for Africa in the 21st Century, Editors; Herman Musahara and Lilly Mafela. OSSREA.
  • Matunhu, J. (2009). Poverty: a Challenge for Higher Education Curriculum. In: Curriculum Issues in Higher Education (2009): UNISA Press.

Published Book Reviews

  • Matunhu, J. (2011). Putting the last First. Author: R. Chambers. Year of Publication 1984. Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA).
  • Matunhu, J. (2011). Zimbabwe’s Development Experiences since 1980: Challenges and Prospects for the future. OSSREA, (eds). Maphosa, F. Kujinga, K. and Chingarambe, S.D. Year of publication: 2007.  Fort Hare Papers – South Africa.
  • Matunhu, J. (2010). Can the Poor Influence Policy? Participatory Poverty Assessments in the Developing World (2nd edition) (ISBN – 08: 8213-5000-5). Author: Robb, CM. (2002), International Monetary Fund and The World Bank, Washington DC. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, 12 (7) 255-257.
  • Matunhu, J. (2009). Child Sexual Abuse: Issues and Challenges. Publishers: Nova Science Publishers, (editors) Megan, J. Smith (2008). Journal of Psychology in Africa.
  • Matunhu, J. (2009). Challenges of Conflict, Democracy and Development in Africa. Electoral Institute of Southern Africa (EISA). (editors) KhabeleMatlosa, Jorgen Elklit and Bertha Chiroro (2007), Africa Institute of South Africa, 39(2) 114-118.

NB The article was re-published in 2011 by AISA Focus – Chief Executive Office’s Newsletter 5 (2) 10-11.

Articles in Press in Referred Journals

  • Matunhu, J. Education for Women Entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe: a theoretical perspective. In Selected Development Issues in Zimbabwe. This is a book project run by MSU Department of Development Studies
  • Matunhu, J.  Issues in Development: Drugs and Drug Abuse in Zimbabwe. In Drugs and Drug Abuse. This is a book project headed by Anita in the USA
  • Matunhu, J. University Education for youth Entrepreneurship: a case of Midlands State University, Zimbabwe, Journal of Science and Sustainable Development, Uganda
  • Matunhu, J. China’s Diplomacy in the new Scramble for Africa. Journal of Social Sciences.
  • Matunhu, J. Production of Knowledge on Rural Poverty in Africa: Whose knowledge and for whom? Journal of Social Sciences.
  • Matunhu, J. Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP) in Funding University Education in Africa: A case of MSU in Zimbabwe, Association of African Universities (AAU) in conjunction with St. Mary’s University College.
  • Matunhu, &Mago, S. Rural Banking for Rural Development in Zimbabwe, Studies of Tribes and Tribals.
  • Matunhu, J. Rural banks for Rural Agricultural Productivity in Zimbabwe in the 21st Journal of Agricultural Science.
  • Matunhu, J. & Matunhu, V. A Review of the Implementation of Public Service Reforms by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, Journal of Social Sciences.
  • Matunhu, J. & Matunhu, V. Implementation of Public Service Reforms by Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture 2012, Journal of Social Sciences.
  • Matunhu, J. The Rural Poverty Reduction and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) nexus: a theoretical perspective. African Journal of Development Studies.
  • Matunhu, J. & Matunhu, V. Revisiting the HIV/AIDS-development nexus in Chivi Rural District: the case of ward 15. Walter Sisulu University Research Directorate.

Other Publications

  • Matunhu, J. (2011) Can Africa extricates itself from the bondage of the centre?  The Patriot News Paper, November 2011.
  • Matunhu, J. (2011).Corporate Social Responsibility of Transnational Corporations in Africa, The Patriot News Paper, November 2011.
  • Matunhu, J. (2010). Rural Development through Agriculture in Amathole District (ARD) in South Africa and Possible Lessons for Syria. “Paper presented at the First International Development Conference of Syria, organised by the Syria Trust for Development, Damascus 23‐24 January 2010”
  • Matunhu, J. (2008). Human Element – the nerve centre for development: May 2008. Business Magazine, The Daily Dispatch Business Magazine, RSA.
  • Matunhu, J. (2008). Let us talk ‘work place safety’: June 2008. Business Magazine, The Daily Dispatch Business Magazine, RSA.
  • Matunhu, J. (2008). Dealing with work place safety challenges: July 2008. BusinessMagazine, The Daily Dispatch Business Magazine, RSA.
  • Matunhu, J. (2007). It is not all about money honey! August 2007.Business Magazine, The Daily Dispatch Business Magazine, RSA.

Articles sent out for Review

  • Development Issues: Drugs and drug abuse in Zimbabwe, This is a chapter in a book being edited by Anita Crumpton. The title of the book is, Pan-African Issues in drug and Drug Control: An international Perspective. For further information on progress in this regard, e-mail
  • Matunhu, V. and Matunhu, J.  (2013). Traditional Healers and Management of HIV/AIDS cases at a University in Zimbabwe, The Dyke
  • Mago, S., Musasa, G. and Matunhu, J. The Impact of Globalisation on Business in Zimbabwe, Journal of Social sciences.
  • Matunhu, J. Development Education for women entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe. Journal of Science and Sustainable Development. University of Uganda
  • Matunhu, J. and Matunhu, V. Influence of Midlands State University Gender Programmes on Senga community in Zimbabwe, Journal of Science and Sustainable Development, University of Uganda.
  • Matunhu, J. Education for Africa’s Development: Issues and Dilemmas, SASE.
  • Matunhu, J. Should it be Democracy first and Development later or vice versa? Online Journal of Development Studies.

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