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/Dr Kudakwashe Zvitambo
Dr Kudakwashe Zvitambo

Senior Lecturer


  •  PhD in Management Sciences (Corporate Governance) (2017)
  •  Masters in Business Administration (2012)
  •  B.Com Accounting (2007)
  •  Diploma in Education (2000)
  • Diploma in Accounting (1997)

Research Interest

  •  Corporate Governance
  •  Humanistic Management
  • Business Ethics



    • Zvitambo, K. (2017). Humanistic Management philosophy in Governance. Moldova: LAP publishing

 Research Articles

  • Zvitambo K. and Mudaly, V. (2017). Humanistic management philosophy in governance in the tax industry in South Africa. International Journal of Science and Research. 73(5):62-85
  •  Zvitambo K and Dube H (2019). The relevance of corporate governance codes to SMEs in a developing country. Corporate Governance and Sustainability review. 3(1):6-12
  • Zvitambo K and Mhizha M (2019). Governance issues at State-Owned Enterprises in the Second Republic of Zimbabwe. International Journal of Science: Basic and Applied Research. 43(2):137-141
  •  Zvitambo K and Chazireni B (2019). Driving sustainability growth through humanistic social responsibility in SMEs of developing countries. International Journal of Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Research. 6(3):4750-4754
  • Zvitambo K and Mhizha R (2019) Exploring mobile banking in the humanistic Financial Inclusion of visually impaired people in Zimbabwe. European Journal of Business and Management. 11(3):94-98
  •  Zvitambo K and Mhizha R (2019) Impact of switching costs on reducing customer churn in Commercial Banks. International Journal of Science and Research. 8(1):1460-1463

Current Research Work

  • Zvitambo, K (2019). Exploring Artificial Intelligence in Humanistic Governance of State-Owned Enterprises in the second republic of Zimbabwe (went for peer review)
  • Zvitambo, K (2019) Applicability of Game Theory in humanistic governance at Zimbabwe State-Owned Enterprises (gathering data)

Community Engagement

  • Member of the International Relations Committee (Faculty of Commerce Rep)
  • Member of the Ethics Committee (Faculty of Commerce Alternative Rep)

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