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/Dr Kudakwashe Zvitambo
Dr Kudakwashe Zvitambo

Position: Deputy Dean

Department: Management Sciences
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  • PhD in Management Sciences (Corporate governance) (DUT, South Africa, 2017)
  • Masters in Business Administration (ZOU, Zimbabwe, 2012)
  • BCom Accounting (ZOU, Zimbabwe, 2007)
  • Diploma in Education (UZ, Zimbabwe, 2000)
  • Diploma in Accounting (IMM, UK, 1996)


  • Corporate Governance
  • Humanistic governance
  • Business Ethics


  • Zvitambo, K and Mudaly, V. (2017). Humanistic management philosophy in the governance of  SME industry in South Africa. International Journal of Science and Research. 73(3):62-85
  • Zvitambo, K (2018). Humanistic management philosophy in Governance. London: SAGE
  • Zvitambo, K and Mhizha, R. (2019). Exploring mobile banking in the humanistic financial inclusion of Visually Impaired people in Zimbabwe. European Journal of Business and Management. 11(3):94-98
  • Zvitambo, K and Mhizha, R (2019). Impact of switching costs on reducing customer churn in Commercial banks. International Journal of Science and Research. 8(1):1460-1463
  • Zvitambo K and Mhizha, R (2019). Governance Issues at SOES in the Second Republic of Zimbabwe. International Journal of Sciences, Basic and Applied Research. 43(2):137-141
  • Zvitambo K and Dube, H (2019). The relevance of corporate governance codes to SMEs a case of developing country. Corporate governance and sustainability Review. 3(1):8-14
  • Zvitambo, K and Chazireni, B (2019). Driving sustainability growth through humanistic social responsibility in SMEs of a developing country. International Journal of Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Research. 6(3):4750-4754
  • Zvitambo, K, Chagwesha, M, Dzingirai, M and Musariri, T (2020). Bootstrapping financing strategies adopted by Zimbabwean women enterprises to enhance growth. International Journal of Recent Advances in Multidisciplinary Research. 7(1):5489-5494
  • Zvitambo K and Magodhini, P (2020). Board composition and humanistic management performance: An analysis of SOEs in Zimbabwe. Global Scientific Journal. (Editors waiting publication fee)
  • Zvitambo, K and Mbuyisa, E (2020) Exploring whistle-blowing to combat governance scandals in Zimbabwe SOEs: Towards humanistic governance approach. Journal of Management Sciences. (Editors waiting scholars to pay publication fee)
  • Zvitambo, K and Chazireni, B (2020). Society-Oriented social responsibility compass to sustainable growth of SMEs in a developing country. Global Journal (Authors doing corrections recommended by peer reviewer)
  • Zvitambo K (2020) Humanistic governance advocating sustainability governance to alleviate inequality in Zimbabwe: An analysis using Community Psychology. Journal of Management Sciences 

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