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/Dr Lawrence Poperwi
Dr Lawrence Poperwi

Position: Lecturer

Department: Business Management
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  • Doctor of Philosophy (ZOU)
  • Master of  Business Administration (ZOU), 
  • Executive Diploma in Applied Strategy (Zimbabwe Institute of Management),
  • Bachelor of Education (UZ),
  • Diploma in Education (UZ), 
  • Diploma in Estates Valuation and Management (The Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe)

Research Interests

  • Strategy – culture nexus
  • Strategic and Competitive Intelligence
  • Strategic management practices in the public sector
  • Strategic leadership and corporate governance issues


  • Poperwi, L. (2018). Principles of Management: Their Relevance and Applicability in the Management of Current and Future Organisations. Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management (SJEBM); 5(9): 808-812. Available online: http://saspjournals.com/sjebm
  • Poperwi, L. (2017). Citizen Participation as a Strategic Tool for Enhancing Service Delivery in Urban Local Authorities in Developing Countries: Fantasy or Reality? Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; 5(8C):990-994. Available Online: http://saspjournals.com/sjahss
  • Poperwi, L. (2017). An Exposition of the Nexus Between Organisational Culture and Leadership in State Enterprises and Quasi-Government Institutions. Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management; 4(8A):487-492. Available Online: http://saspjournals.com/sjebm
  • Poperwi, L. (2017). Organisational Adaptation and Structural Contingency Theory, Implications for Leadership and Management Practice. Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management; 4(8B):577-580. Available Online: http://saspjournals.com/sjebm 

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