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/Prof Mark Matsa
Prof Mark Matsa

Position: Associate Professor

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  • BSc Ed;
  • BAECS;
  • BA(Geo);
  • MEPP; PhD

Research interests:

  • Waste Management,
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Development,
  • Land cover and land use changes,
  • Water Resources Management,
  • Food Security, Migration,
  • Gender and the Environment,
  • Biogeography and Ecosystems


  • Pollutants Spread Around Gweru Dumpsite. Lambert Academic Publishing.
  • GEOGRAPHY: Data Collection, Analysis and Presentation Techniques in Human Geography. A Textbook for Advanced Level Students.
  • Climate Change, Environmental Change and Community Development in Zimbabwe. MSU Press (In Press)

Book Chapters:

  • Traditional Adaptation Mechanisms to Climate Change and Variability Among Women Pastoralists in South-west Zimbabwe. In Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on Pastoralist Women in Sub-Saharan Africa by Mulenge M.M and Getu, M. 2013 (Eds) pp 297-343
  • Environmental Change and Gender: Rethinking Traditional Approaches to Food Security in Rural Beitbridge, Zimbabwe. In Environmental Change and Human Security in the Middle East and Africa by Mohamed Behnassi and Katriona Mclade (Eds) Springer, Amsterdam

Papers in referred journals:

  • An Assessment of the Concentration Levels of Toxic Chemicals Within and Around Gweru Dumpsite in Zimbabwe; Journal of Environmental Extension,
  • Property Rights and Environmental Conflicts in Africa: An Exploration of the Main Issues. Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management
  • Evaluation of the Impact of Agricultural Recovery Programmes on Communal Farming Productivity: Case of Mudavanhu Ward 12 of Masvingo District, Journal of Sustainable Development Africa.
  • From Cradle to Grave…And then what? The Role of Environmental Factors in the Distribution of Pollutants Around the City of Gweru Dumpsite. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa,
  • The Adoption of Multicurrency System a Panacea to Urban Dwellers Socio-economic Challenges? Perspectives of High Density Suburbs’ Residents in Gweru, Zimbabwe Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa.
  • Bulilima’s ‘Look South’ Policy: Gender and Socio-Economic Implications. Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review (EASSRR)
  • Gender, Resource Management and the Rural Landscape in Africa, Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa.
  • The Relationship Between Satellite Derived and Ground Measurement Sugar-cane Water Use: The Case of Hippo Valley Estates in Zimbabwe. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa.
  • Rate of Landuse/Landcover Changes in Shurugwi District, Zimbabwe: Drivers for Change, Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa
  • Fast-tracked to Prosperity or into Poverty? An Assessment of Zimbabwe’s Fast-Track Resettlement Programme on Beneficiaries’ Lives at Beacon Kop Farm in Shurugwi District. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa,
  • An Assessment of the Land use Land Cover Changes in Shurugwi District, Zimbabwe. Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management,
  • Crop Diversity Measurement at Dufuya Gardens and Insukamini Irrigation Scheme in Lower Gweru Communal Lands. Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering B,
  • Dodging the Potholes: The Spatio-Distribution and Socio-Economic Impacts of Potholes in the Residential Areas of Gweru, Zimbabwe. Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering B.
  • Urban Services Delivery in Limbo: A Provisional Assessment of Gweru’s Water Supply System. Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering A, Waste from the People or People to the Waste? An Analysis of Gweru’s McFaden Dumpsite and its Environs.
  • Gweru community Gardens: Renewed hope for Vulnerable Urbanites. Review of Social Studies, Law and Psychology,
    Connecting people with wildlife: Lessons from Selected Education and Conservation Projects of Zimbabwe. African Journal of Social Sciences.
  • The Gender, Poverty and Energy Nexus in Zimbabwe: The Case of Gweru Urban and Shurugwi Communal and Resettlement Areas. British Journal of Advance Academic Research.
  • Dependency syndrome by communities or insufficient ingestion period by benefactor organizations? The Chirumanzu Caritas Community Gardening Project experience in Zimbabwe. Journal of Geography and Earth Sciences.
  • Grappling climate change in Southern Zimbabwe: The experiences of the BaKalanga minority farmers. Sacha journal of Environmental Studies
  • The Community Share Ownership Trust Initiative as a Rural Development Solution in Zimbabwe: The Tongogara Experience in Shurugwi District.
International Journal of Humanities and Social Science
  • The Domestic Water Supply Puzzle in Zimbabwean Cities: Challenges and Opportunities for Mtapa Residential Suburb, Gweru, Zimbabwe. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

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