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/Dr. Mushunje 
Dr. Mushunje 
Dr. Mushunje 

Position: Lecturer

Department: School of Social Work
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Academic Qualifications

  • Dip Social Work (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Bachelor of Social Work (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Master of Gender and Development Studies (University of Manchester, UK)
  • Doctor of Philosophy Social Work (University of KwaZulu Natal)

Research interests 

  • Gender and social justice.
  • Child Rights
  • Social Policy
  • Social Protection
  • women and children’s rights 


  • Training, research, corporate governance and management


  • Mushunje, M and Muchacha, M (2018). The gender dynamics of climate change on rural women’s agro-based livelihoods and food security in rural Zimbabwe: Implications for green social work. Critical and Radical Social Work
  • Mushunje M.T and Mupedziswa, R Older Communal Farmers’ Right to Food Security in an Era of neoliberalism in Zimbabwe: A Social protection Perspective  (awaiting publication in Springer,  Journal of Food Security)
  • Mushunje, M.T. Gender and social protection: policy implications. A publication of The International Policy Centre for Inclusive Growth United Nations Development Programme, Volume 14, Issue No. 1  March 2017, Social protection: towards gender equality
  • Mushunje, M.T. 2014.  Interrogating the relevance of the extended family as a social safety net for vulnerable children in Zimbabwe. African Journal of Social Work.  Vol 4 (2) 78-110
  • Mushunje M.T and Mafico M. 2010. Social protection for orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe: The case of cash transfers. International Social Work 53(2): 261-275.
  • Mushunje, MT .World Cup 2010: Friend or Foe for the girl child: Child Trafficking in an HIV Environment(2010), published by Gender Links, South Africa
  • Mushunje MT. Zimbabwe’s Experience in implementing the Programme of Support o the National Plan of Action for OVC”. Journal of Social Development in Africa
  • Mushunje, M.T. and M. Mafico. 2007. ‘Walking the Talk: Zimbabwe’s Experience in Implementing the National Action Plan for OVC’, Journal of Social Development in Africa 22(2): 35-62.
  • Mushunje, MT. Challenges and opportunities for promoting the girl child’s rights in the face of HIV/AIDS  (Gender & Development Vol. 14, No. 1, March 2006 )
  • Mushunje, M .2006. Child Protection in Zimbabwe: Past, Present and Future Journal of Social Development in Africa. Vol 21(1) 12 – 34

Book Chapters

  • Mushunje , MT and Mupedziswa, R  Social Welfare and Social Work in Africa  (pending publication editor by Noyoo)
  • Mushunje, M.T Making Child protection systems work for children: Lessons from Zimbabwe (pending in International Handbook of Child Protection Systems, edited by Duerr Jill Berrick)
  • Mushunje, M (2017). The Role of Social Work in the protection of vulnerable children. Lessons from Zimbabwe pg 108-120 in The Handbook of Social Work and Social Development. Edited by Mel Gray, Routledge
  • Mupedziswa, R and Mushunje, M. (2012) ‘Between a rock and a hard place’:  Care of   orphaned children in Zimbabwe and social work roles. In Jo Daugherty Bailey (Ed) Orphan care: A comparative view. Pp 123 – 154. Virginia: Kumarian Press.
  • The State of Media Reporting in Tanzania (2003) published by East Africa Human Rights Institute
  • Mushunje, M.T and Kaseke, E Indigenous Social Security Systems in Zimbabwe: Strengths, challenges and prospects in Indigenous Social Security Systems in Southern and West Africa, eds Ndangwa Noyoo and Emmanuel Boon (eds)


Book: Towards Women’s Secure Land Rights in Zimbabwe (2002), published by Human Rights Trust of Southern Africa 

Achievements Selected Leadership position held

  • Deputy Chairperson of the Regional Southern Africa Social Protection Experts Network
  • mentor ( in bi-directional mentorship programmes)
  • Institute of Women Social Workers 
  • The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders under the flagship program of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).  
  • Past Chevening Scholar and a Kellogg Fellow

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