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/Dr. J Mutambara
Dr. J Mutambara

Position: Chairperson

Department: Psychiatry
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  • PhD-Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology ,University of Limpopo
  • MSc Clinical Psychology (UZ)
  • BSc (Hons) (UZ)
  • Post Grad Dip in Tertiary Edu (MSU) 
  • Psychological First Aid (John Hopkins)     
  • Implementation Research for infectious diseases of poverty, (WHO &WITS),                                                                                

Research interests

  • Positive Psychology
  • Indigenous psychology
  • Health psychology
  • Trauma healing and coping
  • Women`s mental health
  • Bereavement

  Publications & Conference Presentations

  1. Ruwizhu, T., Nyamukapa, R., Mazhandu, F., Mutambara, J., Mangezi, W., & Whitwell, S. (2021). Piloting the use of objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) to assess undergraduate medical students’ clinical competence in psychiatry in Zimbabwe. BJPsych International,1-3. doi:10.1192/bji.2021.49
  2. Jeofrey MtemeriYvonne MadhoviJulia MutambaraEmmanuel Maziti (2021). Technology and counselling in Africa: Reflections from MSc Counselling students at a selected university in Zimbabwe. Counselling and Psychotherapy Research. DOI: 1002/capr.12443
  3. Ursula Wüthrich Grossenbacher, Julia Mutambara, Nicholas Midzi, Masceline Mutsaka, Sonja Merten. (2021). A Scoping Literature Review on the Role and Influence of Religion/Spirituality and Traditional Practice on People Living with HIV in Zimbabwe. International Journal of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Education and Behavioural Science. Vol. 7, No. 21  27-47. doi: 10.11648/j. j.ijhpebs.20210701.14
  4. Tholene Sodi , Mahlatse Modipane, Kwaku Oppong Asante , Emmanuel Nii-Boye Quarshie , Stephen Asatsa, Julia Mutambara and Sibusiso Khombo (2021). Mental health policy and system preparedness to respond to COVID-19 and other health emergencies: a case study of four African countriesSouth African Journal of Psychology 1–14 © The Author(s) 2021 Article reuse guidelines: DOI: 10.1177/00812463211012177
  5. Julia Mutambara, Shelter Vandirayi, James January & Herbert Zirima(2021) Factors that influence HIV status disclosure among the elderly: perspectives from Shurugwi, Zimbabwe, AIDS Care, DOI: 1080/09540121.2021.1930997 
  1. Gomera S. & Mutambara J (2020). When home is not home: challenges faced by children from orphanage after being reintegrated back into society. IFE PSYCHOLOGIA.28(2).
  2. Julia Mutambara, Tholene Sodi, Joefrey Mtemeri & Marcia Makomo (2020) Harmonizing religion and health: an exploration of religious reasons for defaulting ARVs among people living with HIV and AIDS in Gweru, Zimbabwe, AIDS Care, DOI: 1080/09540121.2020.1724255
  1. Julia Mutambara, Tinashe R. Makanyanga & Pilot Mudhovozi (2019). Psychological Health and Optimism amongst Unemployed Graduates in Zimbabwe. Journal of Student Affairs in Africa | Volume 6(2) 2018, 33–48 | 2307-6267 | DOI: 10.24085/jsaa.v6i2.3064 19
  2. Mutambara J & Sodi T. (2018). Exploring the Role of Spirituality in Coping With War Trauma Among War Veterans in Zimbabwe. SAGE Open, 1–10. DOI: 10.1177/2158244017750433
  3. Mutambara J; Sodi S; Matore S & January J. (2017). ‘Goblins Left Dirt in my Birth Canal’: Perceived Cultural Beliefs on the Causes and Meaning Making among Women with Cervical Cancer in Zimbabwe. Alternation Special Edition 18 ( 99 – 117).
  4. Mutambara Julia, Mutandwa Phillip, Mahapa Mildred, Chirasha Vonai, Nkiwane Sibusiso, Shangahaidonhi Traquilister. (2017) Knowledge, attitudes and practices of cervical cancer screening among women who attend traditional churches in Zimbabwe. Journal of Cancer Research and Practice, Elsevier
  5. Gonah L. & Mutambara J. (2016). Determinants of weaning Practices among mothers of Infants aged below 12 in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. Annals of Global Health,
  1. Mutambara J.; Mudhovozi P. & Madanhire C. (2016). If you don’t swim with us you are a pig’: The experiences of children with albinism living in a rural area. Dzimbahwe Journal of Multidisciplinary Research. Great Zimbabwe University.
  1. Mutambara J. (2016). Suicidal Ideation and hopelessness among students at a university in Zimbabwe. Dyke vol 10 (1).
  1. Maseko M., Maphosa S., Mutambara J., Bangidza W. (2016). To cut or not to cut. Factors influencing the uptake of voluntary male circumcision among older men in Gweru, Zimbabwe. The Dyke vol 10 (1).
  1. Mutambara J. (2016). Enhancing Psychosocial Support through Positive Youth Development: Narratives from Orphans in Zimbabwe. Journal of Child & Adolescent Behavior, 3: 264. doi:10.4172/2375-4494.1000264.
  1. Mutambara, J. Chitambira, M. January, J. & Maseko, M. (2015). “Bearing my fruit into the grave”: Experiences of anticipatory grieving and bereavement among Zimbabwean HIV positive women with loss of their only child. Journal of Psychology in Africa, (Taylor and Francis) 25:1, 20-24.
  1. Maunganidze, L., Mutambara, J.; Sodi, T. & Nkiwane S. (2015). Relationship Complexities among Women with Obstetric Fistula in Zimbabwe: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Psychology in Africa (Taylor and Francis) (25)4.
  1. Mutambara, S. & Mutambara, J. (2014). Multiple vulnerabilities locking rural communities in the south eastern lowveld of Zimbabwe. Journal of economics and sustainable development, 5(19).
  1. Mutambara J. (2012). Helping the helper: Effective psychological intervention for trauma specialists. International journal of Scientific Research and Essays 
  1. MutambaraJ., Maunganidze L., Muchichwa P. (2012) Towards promotion of mental health: The impact of obstetric fistula among women in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Asian Social Science.
  1. Mutambara J. & Mutambara S. (2012). Fostering motivation in the engagement of volunteer workers: An analysis of volunteers in NGOs in Zimbabwe. Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences.
  1. Mutambara J. & Bhebe V. (2012). An analysis of the factors affecting students` adjustment at a university in Zimbabwe. Journal of International Education Studies 
  1. Mutambara J. & Mutambara S. (2011). Stress and coping among adolescent orphans. The DYKE


   Conference Presentations

  1. Dr J. Mutambara, ZNCC plus, Stress management, May 2021, Gweru
  2. Dr J. Mutambara, Bereavement and depression, Relievers Funeral Services, 2021, Gweru
  3. Dr J. Mutambara and T.Murepa . Finding hope during COVID -19: Experiences of suicide survivors participating in online mental health group discussions on the whats-app platform. Zimbabwe Psychological Association conference 2020.
  4. Dr J. Mutambara. Psychological Aspects of Kindness: rethinking Positive Psychology. ZPA WEBINAR. May 2020 – Mental health week
  5. Dr J. Mutambara and S. Mambende “Use of group therapy in enhancing mental wellness”. Zimbabwe College of Psychiatrists, CME. Theme therapy in Mental health. 28 Sept 2019
  6. Dr J. Mutambara presented on “Parenting Children with Common Mental Disorders” at the CME, 17 September 2019. Psychiatry Continuous Medical Education workshop. MSU.
  7. Dr J. Mutambara “The Experiences of bereavement among relatives after a suicide death”. ISSBD Regional Workshop that was held from the 20th to the 23rd of August 2019 at the University Of Zimbabwe.
  8. Mutambara J. & Makomo M. (2017) “An exploration of the religious reasons for defaulting medication among people living with HIV/AIDS”. Pan African Psychology Union Conference (PAPU), Durban, SA
  9. Mutambara J. & Sodi T. (2017) “I failed to notice the warning signs”: Experiences of suicide bereavement among relatives and their coping strategies. Pan African Psychology Union Conference (PAPU), Durban, SA
  10. Mutambara J & Sodi T. (2017). Healing from war trauma: The therapeutic nature of land ownership. The Colloquium on Liberation History, Memory and Contestation, University of Venda, Thohoyandou, South Africa.
  11. Mutambara J. (2016). Integration of Psychology in Health. Psychology in Action- From the periphery to the core. Crown Plaza Hotel, Harare.
  12. Rumbidzai Ngandini & Mutambara J. (2016). Postpartum depression among women presenting at a hospital in Zimbabwe. Psychology in Action- From the periphery to the core. Crown Plaza Hotel, Harare.
  13. Mutambara J. & Sodi T. (2016). Exploring the role of spirituality in coping with war trauma among war veterans in Zimbabwe. International Conference of Psychology (ICP 2016). Yokohama, Japan.
  14. Mutambara J. & Sodi T. (2016). “The axe forgets but the tree that is cut will never forget”.  Proverbs depicting experiences of war trauma from the narratives of veterans in Zimbabwe. International Conference of Psychology (ICP 2016). Yokohama, Japan.

Grant Applications and participation in funded programs

  1. MSU Research Board Grant, 2012 (US$11 000). Project Title – MSU Branding (Faculty of Commerce and Faculty of Social Sciences). Awarded
  2. MSU Research Board Grant, 2018 (US 4 776). Project Title – Quality of Social Support and disclosure among HIV-Positive Women enrolled for the Birth Cohort Study. Awarded
  3. EQUAL Seed Grants, 2018 (US$ 20 000). Project Title – Integrating mental health into schools using culturally relevant approaches in Gweru, Zimbabwe. Not Awarded.
  4. MSU Coordinator and module writer- Inter-Professional Education and Community Based Education (IPE/CP) under the Partnership in Education Training and Research Enhancement (PETRA) consortium grant (2018 to date).
  5. Trainer of trainers for the Collaborative HIV Inter-professional Partnership (CHIP grant program). (2019 to 2020).
  6. Zimbabwe Team leader. Mental Health Literacy Project, NHS Grant .Project leader – Professor Tholene Sodi, University of Limpopo.

Funded programs running

  1. Program Leader/Director – Improving community access to child health, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) , 6000 us . Three-year implementation of the Drug and substance abuse prevention in Schools program (DASS). Awarded for 2021-2014. 




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