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/Dr P Matiure


DPhil Music, University of KwaZulu-Natal,

Master of Music (Cum Laude), University of KwaZulu-Natal, SA   2009

Bachelor of Education, University of Zimbabwe

Certificate in Education, Seke Teachers College, Zimbabwe

Research Interest:

Written and Aural Theory of Music, Transcription, Analysis and Appreciation, Ethnomusicology, Foundations and Methods of Teaching Music, Performance Techniques and Methodology/Practical Study Instrument of Specialization Major (mbira) and Minor (keyboard)


  • Talking Drum December (2008) Learning How to play Karimba the easy way for beginners. Vol 30 pp 15-19
  • Talking Drum (2009) Teaching Karimba to beginners Vol 31 pp 2-6
  • Muziki  (2011) Mbira dzaVadzimu and its space within the Shona cosmology: Tracing mbira from bira to the spiritual world,
  • The Dyke. (2011) Ethnographic film and the teaching of African music. Vol 5(1) pp 112-143,
  • The Dyke. 2012 Vol 6.4 Ngoma yembira, The source of Inspiration and Spiritual Power for the Zezuru people of Zimbabwe.Vol 6 (4) pp 11-28,
  • The Dyke. (2013) Kashaura Karimba, Vol 7 (2) pp 127-138,
  • UNISA-Latin American Report. (2013) Mbira dzavadzimu: A historical and Cultural legacy. Vol 22 (1) pp 79-101,
  • African Journal of Children’s literature 2013 Vol 1. (2) Children’s game songs and rhymes 

Books Published:

The Zezuru Mbira DzaVadzimu Legacy and Spirit Possession. 2011. Published by Lambert, Germany

Articles Accepted for Publishing:

  • The effectiveness of folk tale songs in inculcating the spirit of Unhu/Ubuntu in children (Journal of Children’s literature)
  • Perceptions and reflections of taking music as a field of study: A case study of the BSc in Music and Musicology honours degree offered by Midlands State University. (The Dyke)

Book Chapters Accepted for Publishing:

  • Music of the Shona people of Hwedza District (Pending)
  • The use of game songs in developing rhythm in children
  • Dariro concept defined
  • Mbira urban spaces
  • Examining African children’s Musical Arts Experiences as a learning Resource for children
  • Music of the Shona people of Hwedza District

Researches Conducted:

  • Instrument Construction
  • Innovation in Musical Instruments
  • The relationship between Mbira and Spirit Possession
  • Music archiving
  • Children’s game songs
  • The impact of modernity on Mbira
  • Dance as a transformative aspect of life
  • Ngoma yeVaShona and its inspiration
  • Jakwara ceremony
  • The birth and death of Chibhanjo
  • Blind street musicians
  • Preservation of tangible and intangible materials of the legacy of Mbira
  • The viability of the Department of Music and Musicology
  • Teaching music at Primary Level

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