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/Dr R. Muranda


  • Doctor of Literature and Philosophy (DLitt et Phil) Musicology UNISA (2017) Thesis title: Implementation of a computer-assisted method in teaching the nyunga mbira
  • Master of Music (Music Technology) Degree, University of Pretoria, (2011).
  • Bachelor of Music (Music Technology) Honours Degree, University of Pretoria, 2007.
  • Bachelor of Arts with Education (Music Major) Degree, Africa University, (1999).
  • Certificate in Education Primary (Music Major) University of Zimbabwe (1990).

Research Interests:

  • Collecting and recording children’s traditional songs.
  • Digital music production in the 21st century.
  • Exploring preservation of ethnic musical traditions through digital technology.
  • Instrumental performance of mbira and western musical instruments.
  • Live sound reinforcement techniques.
  • Music and internet resources for music instruction.
  • Performative music technologies.
  • Recording, mixing, and mastering music.
  • Transcription of traditional African music using notation software packages.
  • Virtual teaching and learning resources in the 21st century.


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