Staff Profile

/Dr Raphael Nhongo
Dr Raphael Nhongo

Lecturer, African Languages and culture


  • Doctor of Literature and Philosophy (University of Fort Hare),
  • MA African Languages and Culture (MSU):
  • BA Hons African Languages and Culture (MSU);
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (MSU)

Research Interests:

  • Sociolinguistics,
  • Theoretical Linguistics,
  • Applied Linguistics,
  • Language Pedagogics,
  • Onomastics,
  • Cultural Studies,
  • Oral Literature
  • Cultural Studies.



  • The influence of Kalanga on place names in Zimbabwe’s Matobo district: Whose culture, whose values? In the Dyke journal Vol 6 Number 4, 2012
  • The influence of an African language on European names in the Matabeleland Region of Zimbabwe: Is it language corruption, Language Development or Resistance? ICOS 24, 2014
  • A National Language Policy for Zimbabwe in the Twenty-First Century: Myth or Reality? In Journal of Language Teaching and Research Vol 4 Number 6, 2013

Accepted for Publication

  • Linguistic And Cultural Cognitive Relevance Of Televised Narratives To The Ndebele Child In Bulawayo (Per Linguam Journal: A Journal of Language Learning)
  • Remodelling Ndebele Culture And Sensibilities Through Modern Oral Art Forms (The Dyke Journal Vol 9, No 2: 2015)

Book Chapters Accepted for Publication

  1. Retrospecting The Decade of Crisis: An Exegesis of selected songs by Ndolwane Supersounds and Mokisi Connection (Book chapter in Singing Nation and Politics: Music and the ‘Decade of Crisis’ in Zimbabwe, 2000-2010’)
  2. Contextualising Zimbabwean urban grooves in the face of a crisis (Book Chapter in Book chapter in Singing Nation and Politics: Music and the ‘Decade of Crisis’ in Zimbabwe, 2000-2010’)
  3. Nicknaming and human relations in the workplace: A case study of selected organisations in Gweru Urban (Book Chapter in Zimbabwean Naming Practices and Patterns: A Multidisciplinary Approach)

Community Engagement

  1. Faculty Representative in:  a) Master Teaching Time table committee

b) Health and Safety committee

2. Counselor in the department of African Languages and Culture and faculty representative in the university counseling committee.

3. Part-Time Lecturer at Lupane State University

4. External examiner at Mkoba Teacher’s College

5. Facilitated a Ndebele A level Grammar Workshop at Zezane High School