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/Dr Tadios Chisango
Dr Tadios Chisango
Dr Tadios Chisango

Position: Lecturer

Department: Applied Psychology
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  • PhD in Psychology (University of Kent, UK), MSc Research Methods in Psychology (University of Kent, UK), BSc Honours Degree in Psychology, University of Zimbabwe.

Research Interests

  • Intergroup Relations 
  • Dehumanization and Infrahumanisation of Social Groups and Individuals.
  • Gender Issues and Sexism.
  • Developmental Disabilities and Discrimination.
  • Personality and counselling Psychology.
  • Pedagogical  Issues.

Selected Publications:  

  • Chisango, T., Mafa, I.H. & Maunganidze, L. (2022). Investigating the Sexist Implications of Bride Price (Lobola) in Zimbabwe. Society. Doi: 10.1007/s12115-022-007443-7.
  • Mafa, I., Simango, T., & Chisango, T. (2021). Under-reportage of “sex for marks” cases within public universities in Zimbabwe. Sexuality & Gender Policy, 1-15.Doi: 10.1002/sgp2.12038.
  • Chisango, T. ,Muridzo, N.G., Mafa, I., & Khombo, S. (2021). An Extrapolation of the Stereotype Content Model to University Lecturers. Journal of Applied Social Science.
  • Maseko, M.M., Maphosa, S., & Chisango, T. Psycho-educational predictors and patterns of substance use among in-school adolescents in Gweru-Urban, Zimbabwe, Journal of Gleanings from Aademics, 8(1),17-40.
  • Chisango,T. & Mayekiso, T. (2014). Exploring a linguistic intergroup bias on communication of compound-word names and acronyms among political parties. Journal of Communication.
  • Chisango, T. Mayekiso, T, & Manuela, T. (2014). The social nature of benevolent sexism and the anti-social nature of hostile sexism. International Journal of Psychology. DOI: 10.1002/ijop.12106.
  • Chisango, T & Mayekiso, T. (2013). An investigation of the sexist application of the morality concept of Tsika in the Shona Culture of Zimbabwe. International Journal of Psychology. DOI:10.1080/00207594.2013.766745.
  • Chisango, T. & Javangwe, G. (2012). Are people better at recognizing ambivalent sexism on the basis of the non-standard profiles than the standard ASI ones? Sex Roles. DOI 10.1007/s11199-012-0146-2
  • Chisango, T. & Gwandure, C. (2011). Delegitimization of disliked political organizations through biased language and acronyming. Journal of Psychology in Africa.
  • Chisango, T. (2011). Is denial of uniquely human emotions limited to people with developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome? Journal of Social Science.
  • Viki, T., Winchester, L., Titshall, L., Chisango, T., Pina, A., & Russell, R. (2006). Beyond secondary emotions: The infrahumanization of outgroups using human-related and animal-related words. Social Cognition, 24, 753–775. Doi: 10.1521/soco.2006.24.6.753.

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