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/Dr Terence Tapiwa Muzorewa
Dr Terence Tapiwa Muzorewa

Position: Lecturer

Department: Development Studies
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  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (PGDTE) (Midlands State University 2022)
  • DPhil in Development Studies (Midlands State University 2017)
  • Master of Arts in Development Studies Degree (Midlands State University 2012)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History (University of Zimbabwe 2010)
  • Certificate in Humanitarian Work (University of Zimbabwe School of Social Work 2011)

Research Interests

  • Rural and urban development 
  • Food security and agrarian reform
  • Cooperatives and collective development 
  • Development Finance 
  • History of development in Africa
  • Development Theory 


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  • T.T. Muzorewa, “Public and Private-Led Urban Development in Post-Colonial Zimbabwe: A Comparative Study in Ruwa Town”, Urban Forum Journal, 2020.
  • T.T. Muzorewa , “Urban Development Stakeholders Relationships in Public Private Partnerships: A case Study of Ruwa Town, 1986-2015”, Southern African Journal for Contemporary History, Vol 45, No 2, (2020), pp.59-82.
  • T.T. Muzorewa, ” Private-Public Partnership-Produced Urban Space-An Antithesis to “the Right to the City”: A Case Study of Ruwa Town, Zimbabwe, from 1986-2021, Journal of Town and Regional Planning, Vol.79, (2021), pp. 18-27.
  • T.T. Muzorewa and M. Nyandoro, “Rural Electorate Conciousness and Voting Preferences in Zimbabwe Elections”, Journal of African Elections, Vol. 20, No. 2, (2021), pp. 141-162.
  • A. Rwodzi and T.T. Muzorewa, “Foreign Vaccines, Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Decoloniality: The Case of the 1918 Spanish Influenza and the Covid-19 Pandemic in Zimbabwe”, in A Nhemachena, R. Makamani and M. Mukesi (eds), Patrolling Epistemic Borders in a World of Borderless Pandemics: Epistemological Policemen in Covid 19 Afflicted 21st Century Africa, Bamenda: Langa (2021).
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  • T.T. Muzorewa and A. Rwodzi, “Southern Africa Pandemic Management in Sports: Observations from the 1918 Influenza and Covid-19”, in Bob, U. (ed.), The Covid-19 Pandemic: Impacts of the Corona Virus on Sports and Society. Durban: CSSALL Publishers. (Alternation Africa Scholarship Book Series, Vol 9, 2022)

Community Engagement

  • Coordinator:  Young Scholar Initiative           
  • Library collections (Harare)   
  • Secretary General (Zimbabwe History Association)

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