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/Dr Vimbai M. Matiza
Dr Vimbai M. Matiza

Position: Senior Lecturer


  • DLitt et Phil-Unisa,
  • M.A,
  • B.A Hons,
  • PGDTE – MSU).

Research Interests:

  • Oral literature
  • Drama for development


  • Matiza, V. M (2009) The Origins of Theatre in Zimbabwe. UNISA, Latin American Report. Vol 1 No1 pp 4 – 10
  • Matiza, V. M (2013) African Social Concept of Beauty: It’s Relevancy to literary criticism. Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities. Vol 2 No 2 pp 61 – 70
  • Matiza, V. M (2013) Reviving African Languages and Culture. The case of Aleck Macheso’s songs in Zimbabwe. Madirativhange: Journal of African Indigenous Languages and Literature. Vol 1 No 2 pp 103 – 115
  • Matiza, V. M (2013) Traditional performances and creative art among the Shona people. Jibilika: Journal of Performance and Creative Art Vol 1 No 2 pp 53 – 61
  • Matiza, V. M (2014) African Religion and Politics: Redefinition of the Past. International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture. Vol 1 No 1 pp 13 – 17
  • Matiza, V. M (2015) Pungwe gatherings as forms of Drama for development through music in Zimbabwe. Muziki: Journal of Music Research in Africa. Vol 12 No 1 pp 63 – 72
  • Matiza, V. M (2015) Nurturing of children through drama and theatre: The case of Intwasa KoBulawayo performances. Journal of Commonwealth Youth and Development Vol 13 No 2 pp 86 – 99
  • Matiza, V. M (2015) Re-contextualisation of traditional oral art forms in Zimbabwe. The DYKE Journal of The Midlands State University. Vol 9 No 1 pp 88 – 99
  • Matiza, V. M & Gijimah T. (2016) The mediation of gospel music in the Zimbabwean crisis (2000 -2010): A Reconciliation measure. Journal of African Security Studies Vol 1 No 1 pp 59 – 72
  • Matiza, V. M (2016) Popular music as a mirror to the Zimbabwean crisis. The DYKE Journal of the Midlands State University. Vol 10.  No. 2 pg 32 – 47
  • Matiza, V. M (2017) In pursuit of social justice: The manifestation of ngozi in Muchadura. Zimbabwe Journal of Theology and Religion Vol 1 No 1 pgs 33 – 42
  • Matiza, V. M (2017) African traditional art forms, democracy and governance for economic growth. Southern African Journal of Folklore Studies (SAJFS), Vol 27 No 2 pg 55 – 66
  • Sebata, N. & Matiza, V. M (2018) Sotho children’s games for cognitive and social development. Jibilika: Journal of Performance and Creative Art. Vol 6 No 1 pgs 86 – 93
  • Matiza V.M (2018) Women in newspaper cartoon straps during the ‘Operation Restore Legacy’ in The Newsday and The Chronicle. DANDE: Journal of Social Sciences and Communication. Vol 2 No 1 pgs 88 – 105

Book Chapters

  • Matiza V. M (2017) Language for development through art: The case of Jerusalem/Mbende and Wosana dances. Book Chapter for African Languages and Language Practice Research in the 21st Century, Special Volume: Center for Advance Studies of African Society (CASAS) eds: Ralarala, M., Barris, K., Iyala, E. & Siyepu, S. pgs 359 – 371
  • Gijimah, T. & Matiza, V. M. (2018) Ambivalence in Hosiah Chipanga’s music; Book chapter for Singing the Nation and Politics: Music and the Decade of crisis in Zimbabwe, 2000 – 2010 (eds: Muhwati. I, Tembo, C. & Charamba T) MSU Press. pgs 63 – 76

Community Engagement

  • Faculty rep of the International relations committee of the senate
  • Departmental counselling
  • SDC member at Dominican Nursery School


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