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/Prof Vongai Zvidenga Nyawo
Prof Vongai Zvidenga Nyawo

Position: Associate Professor

Department: History Studies


  • BA Gen (UZ)
  • PGDE (ZOU)
  • MA (UOFS)
  • PhD (UOFS)

Research Interests

  • Land Reform.
  • Food security.
  • Women and food issues.
  • Land and  governance.
  • The cold war and beyond. climate change


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  • Goredema. D, Nyawo V. Z. and P. Chigora, “Land Reform, Climate Change and Sustainable Development” Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 8 (3), August 2011 pp.141-156.
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  • V. Z. Nyawo and P. V. Shava, “Uniformity, Conformity and Tardiness: The Blurred Periodisation in South African Land Reform 1994-2006.” Lesotho Social Sciences Review, NUL, ROMA, Dec ember 2010, Vol.14, No. 1 and 2,80-106.
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  • V. Z. Nyawo Viriri Shava, Mayibuye Dilemmas of Agrarian Reform inIndependent Zimbabwe and South Africa, Mambo Press, Gweru, 2012. (with  6 chapters, 483 pages)
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  • V. Z. Nyawo, “Gender, Disability and Perceptions: can those living with disability speak on behalf of those living with impairment” Institute of Gender Equity- University of Moi Kenya, pp. 171-179, September 2013
  • V. Z. Nyawo and H. T. Ngoshi, “Gendering the African National Project in the 21st Century” in Ndlovu-Gatsheni S. J. and Ndhlovu F, Nationalism and National Projects in Southern Africa, New Critical Perspectives, AISA, 2013 218-234.
  • Chaterera F and Nyawo VZ (2013). Decolonising the Museum: The Case of Zimbabwe Military Museum in Gweru. Int. Res. J. Arts Soc. Sci.(9):213-219
  • Nyawo V. Z, “The Imperative of re-investing in Agro-based Industry in Zimbabwe.” Accepted for publication by the Journal of Security, Peace and  Tolerance Studies, vol. 1, No. 1, May 2013, pp. 10-20
  • Shava P, and Nyawo-Shava V. Z, “How the Mountain Kingdom Speaks:forging a national literary tradition in Lesotho,” Tsebo Journal of Humanities, National University of Lesotho, September 2013, pp. 201- 214.
  • Nyawo-Shava V. Z and Shava P, “The People Shall Share: the scramble for diamond resources at Chiadzwa and its Hinterland in Zimbabwe,”Tsebo Journal of Humanities, National University of Lesotho, September 2013, pp. 232-248.

Newspaper and Magazine Publications

  • Z. Nyawo-Shava, “Poetry Anthology: Formula” a book launch address given at Manthabiseng Convention Center on 18 December 2009, Public Eye 29January – 4 February 2010.
  • Z. Nyawo, “Transcending Angst and forging national healing: research prospects and opportunities on reconciliation in Zimbabwe,” Varsity Update, An Official publication of the Midlands State University, August-December 2012 Issue, pp. 22-23.


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