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  • MSC Gender And Policy Studies (GZU) 2016
  • MSC Gender And Development Studies (WUA) 2012
  • BSC Hons In Sociology (WUA) 2017
  • BSC Hons In Psychology (WUA) 2010
  • Diploma In Education (History And Geography)  (Hillside Trs College) 2000
  • PHD Candidate  Gender And Policy Studies (Maseno University Kenya)

Research Interests:

  • Gender and Development,

RESEARCHER:  Member- Zimbabwe Academic Non-Fiction Author’s Association (ZANA)

                           Academic writing Consultancy-Women and Law in Southern Africa ( Zimbabwe)  WLSA)

PUBLICATIONS: Journal Articles (The International Institute of Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)

Title 1: With Women in Mind: Are they passive victims or agents of civil strife? Reflections from the fast track land reform era in Zimbabwe. (2015)

Title 2: Interrogating Women’s Participation in Parliament through the Quota System in Sub-Saharan Africa (2016)

Title 3: Gender Dynamics in the Development Rural and Urban Informal Sector. (2017)

PAPERS PRESENTED: Women’s Political Participation in Post Colonial Zimbabwe: Embracing Agency and Capabilities

Uppsala –Sweden: Nordic African Institute. 12-13 December 2018- Gendered Institutions and Women’s Political Representation In Africa

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: PHD in Gender and Policy Studies –Maseno University Kenya (Pending)



  1. Lecture Midlands State University Gender Institute of Gender Studies
  2. Committee member: Alumni and Graduate and employment
  3. Committee member: The Library Committee

AWARDS: Book Prize Winning Student. Best Student 7 Awards: Master of Science in Gender and Policy Studies. Great Zimbabwe State University (2016)


RESEARCH SUPERVISION:  Contribution to Supervision Of Students Research Within The University

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