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/Mr. Julianos Masimba


  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education 
  • Master of Science – Local Governance Studies Degree
  • Bachelor of Science – Local Governance Studies Honours Degree

Research Interests:

  • Human Settlements and Governance
  • Local Economic Development
  • Rural and Urban Development

Publications: Masimba, J, Rajah, N and Mutema, EP (2022) Harnessing the growth of the informal sector to promote Local Economic Development in Gweru Urban. The Dyke 15(3):1-21 Masimba J, Rajah N (2022) The Causes and Consequences of the Growth of Informal Settlements in Epworth local Board Area. African Association for Public Administration and Management (AAPAM)

Conferences attended:

Decolonizing education for equity, peace, innovation, industrialization and Sustainability in Africa. Presented a paper titled “A Review of Inclusive Education in Tertiary Institutions. A Case of Policies and Practices at Midlands State University”. (26-27 September 2023 at Midlands State University)

World Tourism Day September 2022 Symposium (Midlands State University) – The role local authorities play in promoting tourism—paper presented by Julianos Masimba. 

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